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Mar 9, 2024 – Mar 23, 2024

Music at the Odyssey

We are delighted to announce that Music at the Odyssey curators John Snow and Gabriel Jimenez Montes will return in March for a series of lively, engaging and intimate evenings of music and song. They will be joined by musician Nelson Garcia Marquez an artist of Cuban descent who grew up in Venice. His father Willy Marquez was an actor and Odyssey Theatre ensemble member.

Bass player John Snow’s cabaret series will feature the best of “The Great American Song Book”  with a program of songs by Sondheim, Cole Porter, Rodgers and Hammerstein and Sting!

Montes’ band Plenazo Tribe brings us the Afro-Latin folklore music genre Plena from Puerto Rico. The evening is a tribute to International Women’s Day and promises to be as lively and unique as the vibrant streets of Latin America. Plenazo Tribe will be joined by singers, dancers and special guests for an unforgettable showcase of the Puerto Rican beat.

Nelson Marquez is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter who is an original band member of Andy Garcia and the CineSon All Stars. He will be debuting his solo album Turn the Light On

Dates / Tickets / Special Events

Mar 9, 2024 – Mar 23, 2024
Price $30
Reservations phone  310-477-2055 ext. 2

Credits / Cast / Crew


MARCH 9TH at 8pm

TIME IS ON MY SIDE – A celebration of the great American Song Book

Featured Artists
Music Director/Curator/Bass John Snow
Singer/Actor Carolyn Mignini
Special Guest Erik Liberman 
Keys Nathan Heldman

 MARCH 10TH at 6pm

PLENAZO TRIBE – A musical celebration of Afro-Latin heritage and Women’s International Day

Featured Artists
The Band PLENAZO TRIBE:  A harmonious trio of Plena a traditional/folkloric style of music from Puerto Rico. 
Drums Gabriel Eduardo Jimenez Montes
Percussionist & Composer Emilia Desiré
Trumpet Onier Bacallao Garcia
Choreographer & Performer Paola Escobar
Dancer & Choreographer Lu Arróspide


A Celebration of Cole Porter and Rodgers and Hammerstein

Featured Artists
Music Director/Bass/Curator John Snow
Singer/Actor Ken Marshall
Singer/Actor Bella Hicks
Singer/Actor Robert Yacko
Singer/Actor Kenton Chen
Singer/Actor Taubert Nadalini

The Band
Keys Nathan Heldman
Saxophone Ben Flocks
Drums Zev Shearn Nance




Unnerving Berlin – What would happen if Irving Berlin had fallen down a rabbit hole and seen the future of musical theatre? This show has the answer.

Written by Taubert Nadalini & Sophie Thomason
Starring Taubert Nadalini
Directed by John Snow
Accompaniment Nathan Heldman

Stage Manager Sophie Hankes


Nelson Marquez will be debuting his new solo album TURN THE LIGHT ON

Nelson Marquez is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and singer.  He will be debuting his first Solo Album Turn the Light On, a culmination of twenty years of crafting sounds influenced by multi-genres of music.

Nelson will be joined by Special Guest artists and his Band:
Multi-instrumentalist/Singer Nelson Marquez
Bassist Jeffery Conner
Drummer Josh Herbst
Percussion Marina Bambino
Guitar Emile
Keyboardist, Timbale JJ Brown
Keyboards Jeff Shelp
Singers Pamela L. Williams, Chantal Williams

Produced for the Odyssey by Grace Oh and Beth Hogan

Plenazo Tribe band

Plenazo Tribe band

Curator, musical director and bass player John Snow

Music at the Odyssey band

Nelson Marquez

A Celebration of Cole Porter and Rogers and Hammerstein

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