Emilia Desiré


Ecuadorian multi percussionist, composer, and arts educator. Strongly influenced by Latin American culture, she has created her own original music and artwork fusing traditional music from Latin America and world music with new music and jazz. She also has performed in numerous ensembles including Plenazo Tribe, Club Mambi, Chacombo Afro-Peruvian ensemble, CalArts Brazilian Drumming Ensemble, Trio Acústico de las Americas, Tambora, Afro-Uruguayan Comparsa Medio Mundo, Cambamberos traditional Colombian ensemble, and several multidisciplinary projects including The Lost Tribes, a Theatre Dybbuk production in Los Angeles under the direction of Aaron Henne and Michael Skloff.Besides being an active performer, recording artist, and composer, she has taught at a variety of educational programs in Ecuador, Brazil and Los Angeles. Emilia earned a Bachelor of Music from Universidade Estadual Paulista “Júlio de Mesquita Filho”, MFA and DMA degree from the California Institute of the Arts.