Marianna Varviani is a Greek dance-theater artist. She has worked internationally in Greece, the UK, Spain, Brazil, and the USA as a choreographer, dance theater performer, movement director, and educator. She founded Selcouth Dance Company in 2016.

MARK is showing as part of our Dance at the Odyssey Festival – June 29th at 8pm!

A contemporary dance theater piece inspired by Krump, MARK explores the power of connection, the limitations that we bring to ourselves and the solutions that we can find together. Our choices leave MARKs setting whole series of actions into motion.
What MARKs do we carry?
What MARKs do we leave behind?

Randy Lowell, an original cast member, compares the 1989 and 2024 productions of Stalin’s Master Class!

Fear of Heights is the story of an Irish-American kid who took a different career path from his father and grandfather, who were both New York City ironworkers. His grandfather, Paddy Flynn, was memorialized in the iconic Charles C. Ebbets photograph, “Lunch Atop a Skyscraper”; he is the gentleman sitting on the far right of a beam high above the Manhattan skyline. Kevin was naturally expected to be among the third generation of Flynn men to be a Brooklyn ironworker; however, Kevin had a different plan. Kevin is an actor and stand-up comedian.

Meet our Box Office Manager!

February 20, 2024

Let’s go behind the scenes to meet our phenomenal Box Office Manager, Heather Cunningham!

The Mexican company Punto de Inflexión directed by Stephanie García brings us a program where the feminine and deep human emotions are exposed.

downcast (2021) is a work where three beings dwell in undefined spaces at the edge of light and darkness as a metaphor for the duality that inhabits human experience.

Incandescent is a solo work created and performed by Stephanie García where embodied contradiction guides the complex imbalance life shows us from time to time.

Abrirse el Cuerpo (2022) is inspired by María Lugones’ “plurality of selves” that coexist in an individual and a continuous reflection on the ongoing creative investigation of gender violence against women and identities not aligned with the colonial project.

Join us for 3×3

January 26th – 28th, 2024

Let’s dive deep with Azuki Umeda, our featured choreographer, as she discusses her upcoming piece, ‘how i became kinder, and kinder,’ showcased in our DANCE AT THE ODYSSEY Festival.

Born in Tokyo, Japan, and raised in San Jose, CA, Azuki Umeda is a first-generation Japanese queer artist. She holds a BFA in Dance and a BA in Integrated Educational Studies from Chapman University, where she earned recognition with the Nancy Dickson-Lewis award for Outstanding Choreography.

Azuki’s has collaborated with renowned artists such as Twenty-One Pilots and FINNEAS. Her work has been showcased at prestigious dance festivals, including the Capezio ACE Awards and World of Dance. She is the founder of AU.THENTICITY, a dance company dedicated to fostering a collaborative environment for artistic exploration. Recently, Azuki was named one of the Ann & Weston Hicks Choreographic Fellows at the Jacob’s Pillow 2023 Program.

Witness Azuki Umeda’s distinctive choreographic voice at the DANCE AT THE ODYSSEY Festival!
“how i became kinder, and kinder”
February 9th – 11th, 2024

For the 7th year, this unstoppable dance festival’s mixed programs offer a wide range of dance over six weeks hosting six companies, twenty choreographers, forty-nine performers, a “dance wrecking” and four world premieres. Reminding us that the language of dance is universal.

Celebrated choreographers and companies include Rebecca Pappas, Lily Chumas, Punto de Inflexión, Goblin Party, Azuki Umeda and Galiana&Nikolchev’s Useless Room:

BIRDS OF NORTH AMERICA – Post Show Discussion

We are joined by…

Playwright, Anna Ouyang Moench

Director, Peter Richards

Our Cast, Arye Gross and Jacqueline Misaye

And the Natural History Museum’s Ornithologist, Dr. Allison Shultz.

A Word from Lola Luvv…

October 20, 2023

Get a sneak preview of the solo act BEFOK with the show’s lead… Lola Luvv! At the Odyssey through November 5th!