Dance Festival

Left: JA Collective Wrenz Kaloogy 2020. Right: Victoria Marks Pastoral 2020

Left: JA Collective Wrenz Kaloogy 2020
Right: Victoria Marks Pastoral 2020

Dance at the Odyssey

Dance at the Odyssey was established in 2017 by producer/curator Barbara Mueller-Wittmann and Odyssey associate artistic director Beth Hogan and is committed to creating new opportunities for contemporary dance artists, supporting diverse voices within the field. The first season featured four companies performing in repertory for three weeks and quickly grew into what has been called “the largest independent dance festival in Los Angeles.”  Working locally, nationally and internationally, Dance at the Odyssey acts as a vital interchange between contemporary dance artists and audiences, creating space and time for the development of evening length pieces and world premieres.

For information on the festival please contact:

Barbara Mueller-Wittmann

Odyssey Theatre Ensemble
2055 S. Sepulveda Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

310-477-2055 ext. 107

Please keep in mind that this is a contemporary dance festival. Send your information only if your practice belongs to this type of dance. Thank you.

The Festival History


Eifo Efi
A co-production with the Goethe Institut Los Angeles

Galiana & Nikolchev’s Useless Room
The Last One

Los Angeles
Herencia Flamenca
Ole Flamenco

Los Angeles
L.A. Contemporary Dance Company
Force Majeure
Presenting works by Genevieve Carson, Gregory Dolbashian, Micaela Taylor, Christian Denice



Los Angeles
Micaela Taylor + The TL Collective
Rosewood – World Premiere

Los Angeles
L.A. Contemporary Dance Company
Rift – World Premiere
Presenting works by Genevieve Carson, Nathan Makolandra, and Stephanie Zaletel

Los Angeles
Corina Kinnear
naked – World Premiere

Letters to Dance
A Co-production with the Goethe Institut Los Angeles



Shade Theret
maybe – World Premiere
A Co-production with the Goethe Institut Los Angeles – World Premiere

Los Angeles
Acts of Matter
Be seen – World Premiere

Los Angeles
L.A. Contemporary Dance Company
The Only Constant – World Premiere 

Los Angeles
The TL Collective and The JA Collective
CollectivesDrift – World Premiere

Los Angeles
La Dansa Dansa
Hybrids of Plants and Ghosts

Los Angeles
Kevin Williamson & Company
Gnarled – World Premiere



Los Angeles
String Theory
Landscapes and Layers – World Premiere

Los Angeles/Atlanta
Acts of Matter with special guest DANCE AEGIS
Tethering – World Premiere

Los Angeles
JA Collective & Slauson Rec.
Wrenz Kaloogy & Principium – World Premiere

Los Angeles
L.A. Contemporary Dance Company
Premiere: 15 – World Premiere

Los Angeles/Pittsburgh
Victoria Marks in collaboration with Isla Hansen
Pastoral – World Premiere



Postponed due to the Covid Pandemic



Shade Theret – Throwaway Line
With the support of the German Consulate

Los Angeles
L.A. Contemporary Dance Company
Dancing in Snow – World Premiere

Los Angeles
Primera Generación Dance Collective
Nepantla – World Premiere

Los Angeles
Teresa Toogie Barcelo
Metanoia – World Premiere

Los Angeles
Galiana & Nikolchev’s Useless Room 

Los Angeles
Let us Bleed, Then Heal – World Premiere

The Eerie Atlas – A Worn World
A co-production with the Goethe Institut Los Angeles



Los Angeles
No)One. Arthouse
Presenting work by Alejandro Perez, Friidom, Marcella Lewis, Rebekah Denegal, Qwenga and Jordan Slaffey

Los Angeles/New York
Roya Carreras and Assaf Salhov
The Stories We tell Ourselves (World Premiere ) & The Song of Spies

Los Angeles
JA Collective
5 Stories About Stage That
Are Simply Untrue – World Premiere

Los Angeles
Jessie Lee Thorne’s Poets in Motion
Topia: The Something in Between – World Premiere

Los Angeles
Dancing Through Prison Walls
DATA or 7 ways to dance a dance through prison walls

Los Angeles
DaEun Jung


Summer Edition

Participating choreographers:

Vanessa Cruz, Friidom, Corina Kinear, Marcella Lewis, Hannah Millar, Alejandro Perez, Chie Saito, Lara Wilson