Paola Escobar


Paola is a Colombian choreographer, performer and educator whose work bridges different traditions and disciplines focusing in the intersection between rhythm and movement. Escobar’s practice interweaves her Latin-American background with her interest in the flamenco tradition, African culture, and contemporary art, and reflects on cultural identity, hierarchies of power, cultural perception, sustainability and the reiterative search for a place of belonging. Escobar designs inclusive experiences and programs that offer multiple access points to activate individuals and communities through the body in movement. As a choreographer Escobar got the National Award from the Ministry of Culture in Colombia (2005) and the Annenberg Beach House Residency (2019) among other recognitions. Escobar has created more than 30 choreographic works, 6 dance films, and has performed in Spain, France, Portugal, Canada, US, Cuba, Colombia and Brazil.  Escobar has extensive experience as a dance educator in schools, dance studios, community centers and probation institutions. Since 2019 Escobar has worked at CalCreative as the dance specialist providing movement instruction to more than 500 students every week.  Escobar obtained an MFA in Choreography at CalArts in 2017, and her BFA in Performance at the University of Florida, 2012.