Gabriel Eduardo Jimenez Montes


Gabriel is an actor, dancer, singer, percussionist, director, writer, producer, stage manager, teacher, date seller at farmers market, survivor and free diver from Carolina, Puerto Rico. He earned his BA in Theater from the University of Puerto Rico and went on to obtain his MFA in Acting from CalArts. He gained notable recognition for his exceptional solo performance, “INSULA,” directed by Gema Galiana, premiering at the Odyssey Theater in July 2022, and his current collaboration with the acclaimed sketch comedy group Honestly Curious. With performances at renowned venues and festivals such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival,  Gabriel has not only showcased his acting prowess but also brought the rich folkloric Puerto Rican tradition of Plena to the international stage. Other international scenarios playing Plena includes performances with Los Pleneros del Exilio in Madrid, Spain, as well as collaborations with the folkloric group Guamanique in Poland. Gabriel is the founder of the Plenazo event at Mofongos restaurant, held the last Friday of every month. At Plenazo, participants not only get to enjoy performances of plena but are also invited to bring their own instruments and join in the joyful celebration of this traditional Puerto Rican music. Rooted in musical and movement traditions, Gabriel acknowledges his uncles Hector Montes, Roberto Jimenez, and Edwin Montes as his professors and mentors. The profound influence of his extraordinary mother, Shirley Montes Albino, has shaped him into the artist he is today. Gabriel’s role model is his father, Epifanio Jimenez—his pillar of strength and love. A heartfelt gracias extends to his brothers EpiJ & Gian, grandmas, sisters, cousins, mothers, fathers, aunts, friends, and chosen family, who have been an integral part of his journey.

Follow Gabriel’s artistic adventures on Instagram: @gabrieljmontes and follow the band @plenazotribe