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The Serpent
Oct 21, 2021 – Dec 12, 2021

The Serpent

Jean-Claude van Itallie’s ceremonial play, developed in the late 1960s with the visionary Open Theatre, juxtaposes scenes from the Bible’s Book of Genesis with various modern experiences. Images of the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve taking a bite from the forbidden fruit might occur alongside modern experiences, like Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech.  

The Serpent is an exploration of the origins and making of the myths and communal rituals humans have always used in their attempts to make sense of events, struggles, and catastrophes from ancient to contemporary times. 

Award-winning director Ron Sossi and a multi-talented ensemble have created a collage of iconic, archetypal personas making up the spectacle of history, from creation to the present day. The entire experience is an exuberant, energetic, living sculpture-in-time.

Dates / Tickets / Special Events

Oct 21, 2021 – Dec 12, 2021

October 23 – December 12, 2021

Friday & Saturday at 8pm
Sunday at 2pm

by Jean-Claude van Itallie

Credits / Cast / Crew


Written by Jean-Claude van Itallie
Directed by  Ron Sossi
Produced by Ron Sossi in association with Isabel and Harvey Kibel

Costume Designers Denise Blasor &  Josh La Cour
Lighting Designer Chu-Hsuan Chang
Sound Designer Christoper Moscatiello
Video Designer Diana Cignoni
Choreographer Kate Coleman
Fight Choreographer Joseph Gilbert & Peyton Young
Set Consultant Stephanie Kerley Schwartz
Assistant Director Elana Luo
Stage Manager Jacob Price

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