Ben’s Odyssey #3: Art

Another week and another blog post from yours truly, Benjamin Schwartz, the intern this summer for The Odyssey Theatre Ensemble. This time I decided to take a picture in front of our past production, “Ivanov” by Anton Chekov. The play was written on a commission to Chekov as he was asked to write a comedy. Instead, came this four act drama. LOL

Blog 3

This past week has been busy. It has ranged from keeping up on the social media sites, marketing strategies, filming and editing a video tour of the theatre to breaking down a bunch of wood from a previous production. This Saturday I am excited to help build the set for our next show, Broadway Bound. It is hard to believe that I am almost already done with my third week. The days go by so fast and I am making sure to soak in every bit of information that I can.

I haven’t been able to go see any theatre this week, and I think I’m starting to have some withdrawls from the lack of live performance. But yesterday, all of the LA County Arts interns attended a seminar/networking/museum visit to MOLAA in Long Beach. My favorite part of the day (other than incessantly re-filling my cup of coffee) was visiting the museum and exploring the fantastic art exhibits that they are currently hosting. If you haven’t visited the Museum Of Latin American Art, I would highly recommend it. I really enjoyed the work and style of Roberto Fabelo’s art. He would often rip out pages from books and then furiously draw with a pen over the literature. Sometimes text would be exposed and other works were completely drawn over. The creatures that he created were dark, unique and sometimes grotesque, but engaging at the same time. Here’s a link to the exhibit via the MOLAA website:

I was surprised to find out that many of the 120ish interns that were hired this summer did not come from a theatre or arts background. It was a melting pot of majors ranging from Anthropology, Economics, Marketing, Business, etc. I am all about educating on the importance of the arts and bringing in groups that would not normally have the opportunity, so it was good to see an organization like the LA County Arts Commission fulfilling this vision and mission. I am blessed to be given the chance to help here at The Odyssey and a program like this really also helps with the chances of finding a job after college.