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Tiny Parking Lot Festival – Music
Anticipated Outdoors Summer 2021

Tiny Parking Lot Festival: Music


Music at the Odyssey
We’re gearing up for our Tiny Parking Lot Festival featuring a unique roster of musicians and singer/songwriters. This show series, curated by John Snow, features different artists across many different spectrums to give you a wide array of music from jazz to folk to R&B to pop who’ve performed with such recognized artists as George Benson, HAIM, Patrice Rushen, Bill Irwin, Buck Meek, Wyclef Jean, and many others. These performances will keep you dancing, thinking, and enjoying life through music.

Credits / Cast / Crew


Featured Artists

Music Director John Snow
Singer/Percussionist Lilliana De Los Reyes
Singer/Songwriter John Fatum (Jacksonport)
Singer/Songwriter Moira Mack
Saxophone Henry Solomon

House Band for the Artists 

Musical Director/Bass/MC John Snow
Piano Jacob Mann
Drums Ryan Mcdiarmid
Guitar John Schroeder

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