Alex Bloom

A singer-songwriter born and raised in Los Angeles, Alex writes the best songs you’ve never heard. You’ll have one of those pesky melodies stuck in your head for days. He doesn’t listen to 102.7, but he loves KUSC and KCRW. Bloom has released two albums and an EP, the contents of which represent a large breadth of styles and influences that have inspired Alex’s songwriting and self production.  In his latest single, “LA NY”, Bloom chronicles an autobiographical, dual-city, cross-country love story. On the song, Bloom shares, “This song embodies the experience I had when trying to convince my girlfriend to move back home from NYC to LA with me, and the realization that distance could break us apart if she didn’t end up moving. I wanted the song to sound like the feeling I had in my stomach at all times during that period of beautiful hope, dread, butterflies, anxiety all mashed together.”