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Jan 21, 2024 – Jan 21, 2024

The Boy Who Saw True

Award-winning actor and master storyteller Harry Hart-Browne performs his adaptation of this fascinating classic of the paranormal, The Boy Who Saw True by Anonymous.

Harry takes the actual diary of a precocious boy in Victorian England and performs his story, which includes the wondrous experience of clairvoyancy coupled with the frustrating failure to communicate his visions. Although those around him cannot see the auras and spirits that he can, the audience gets a special opportunity to witness Harry as he becomes “the boy” before their very eyes. Taking us on a journey from the ridiculous to the exalted, this remarkable piece is profound, delightful and illuminating.

Dates / Tickets / Special Events

Jan 21, 2024 – Jan 21, 2024

One performance only
Sunday at 2pm

Tickets $25

Run time 70 minutes with no intermission.

Credits / Cast / Crew


Thresholds of Invention is curated by actor, director, musician and performance artist Tony Abatemarco
Produced for the Odyssey by Beth Hogan and Tony Abatemarco


Written by Anonymous
Adapted and Performed by Harry Hart-Browne


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