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Music at the Odyssey
October 27, 2023

Music at the Odyssey: Musicals of the 1940’s

The Complete History of the American Musical Theatre of the 1940’s.  Let 5 performers and 2 narrators take you on a journey of the musicals and composers hat shaped the 1940s.  From Rodgers & Hammerstein to Irving Berlin, Cole Porter and many more!  Hear the hits (and misses) from shows like Oklahoma!, Carousel, Annie Get Your Gun.

Dates / Tickets / Special Events

October 27, 2023

October 27, 8:00 pm

Tickets $30


Credits / Cast / Crew

Performed by

Eileen Barnett
Scott Harlan
Mary Gordon Murray
Sal Sabella
Brent Schindele

Narrated and Curated by Dan Fishbach & Mark D. Kaufmann
Accompanied by Brad Gardner

Produced for the Odyssey by Beth Hogan

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