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Dance at the Odyssey
Jun 2, 2022 – Jul 16, 2022

Dance at the Odyssey

Participating companies and choreographers

L.A. Contemporary Dance Company
Roya Carreras
Teresa Toogie Barcelo
Galiana&Nicholchev’s The Useless Room
Hannah Millar

Credits / Cast / Crew



Dancing in Snow

L.A. Contemporary Dance Company

Choreographer Roderick George



Choreographer Roya Carreras



Choreographer Teresa “Toogie” Barcelo

A collaboration with composer Joe Berry of the renowned electronic band, M83, and a diverse ensemble that consists of LA’s most brilliant interdisciplinary artists, including fiber sculptor Mimi Haddon and set designer Carlo Maghirang



Galiana&Nikolchevs The Useless Room

Director/Choreographer Gema Galiana
Performer Gabriel Jimenez
Text by Anthony Nikolchev after Calderon de la Barca, Peter Handke, Karl Ove Knausgaard, and a hurricane survival booklet


Let Us Bleed, Then Heal


Choreographer Hannah Millar


The Eerie Atlas – A Worn World


Roya Carreras photo by Zenith Richards

Roya Carreras Photographer: Zenith Richards

Hannah Millar Let Us Bleed, Not Heal photo by Kelly Mustapha

imprints Photographer: Kelly Mustapha

GalianaNicholchevs The Useless Room – Insula photo by Gema Galiana

Galiana&Nicholchev’s The Useless Room Photographer: Gema Galiana

deufert&plischke Photographer: deufert&plischke

Teresa Toogie Barcelo Photographer: Kelly Mustapha

L.A. Contemporary Dance Photographer: Robbie Sweeny

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