Sera Heywood-Rakhimova

 Ruth Shahash

Sera is a Canadian-American international performer and graduate of the Ilkhom Theatre of Mark Weil School of Drama Studio 7, a Russian theater conservatory in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Sera performed in five mainstage shows in the Ilkhom Theatre’s repertory, in English, Russian and Uzbek, and won first place in the Tashkent singing competition “Songs for Actors.” Sera also holds a BA in Drama with a minor in Slavic languages and literatures from the University of Washington. Sera graced Broadway her first year in New York City with her self-devised one-woman show The Point and the Universe at the United Solo Theatre Festival. She has worked in an array of experimental theater and bi-lingual films across NYC, and now in Los Angeles. Sera is also a published writer, a certified Reiki and EFT Tapping practitioner, and creator of the brand and ensemble-based company Actor to Artist. Sera is thrilled to be making her Los Angeles stage debut in Yaacobi & Leidental, continuing her passion for international artistic collaboration.