Past Show > BEFOK (Or The Desperate Attempt to Impress Iñárritu)

Oct 20, 2023 – Nov 5, 2023

BEFOK (Or The Desperate Attempt to Impress Iñárritu)

South African born Lola Luvv swore she’d be a world-renowned actress by the age of forty, but that’s in seven days and she’s no closer to her goal than when she moved to Hollywood. She still walks dogs and cleans up their monster shits. After catching a glimpse of Academy Award-winning director Alejandro González Iñárritu at the Alta Dena WholeFoods, Lola’s convinced it’s a sign she’s destined to play the lead in his new TV show The One Percent.What follows is a manic ride of determination, desperation, ketamine, and chickens, where the only thing at stake…is her life. 

Must close November 5
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Oct 20, 2023 – Nov 5, 2023

Pay-What-You-Can tickets

Friday & Saturday at 8pm
Sunday at 4pm


Credits / Cast / Crew


Written and performed by Asta Leigh
Directed and Storycrafted by Matt Ritchey
Lighting Designer Jackson Funke
Stage Manager Hannah Cairo
Produced for the Odyssey by Beth Hogan

Writer/Performer Asta Leigh

Writer/Performer Asta Leigh

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