Past Productions

Past Productions

Odyssey Theatre Opens at 5230 Hollywood Blvd.


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A MAN’S A MAN by Bertolt Brecht. Directed by Ron Sossi

THE SERPENT by Jean-Claude van Italie. Directed by Ron Sossi



THREEPENNY OPERA by Bertolt Brecht. Directed by Ron Sossi




  • Fox, Hound & Huntress by Lance Lee. Directed by Geraldine Chiabrera
  • Public Insult by Peter Handke. Directed by Tom L. Antha
  • The Successful Life of Three: A Skit for Vaudeville by Maria Irene Fornes. Directed by Michael Griggs



THE BACCHAE by Euripedes. Directed by Ron Sossi

Relocated from Hollywood to Ohio & Bundy Theatre space – 12111 Ohio Avenue.


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PEER GYNT by Henrick Ibsen. Directed by Ron Sossi

DOMINUS MARLOWE Written & performed by the ProVisional Theatre Company. Directed by Steven Kent







by Robert Coover. Directed by Ron Sossi

GO CHILDREN SLOWLY by Arthur Sainer. Directed by Nancy Haffner


  • The Exception & the Ruleby Bertolt Brecht. Directed by Michael Wolfe
  • Animalby Oliver Hailey. Directed by John DiFusco
  • Foursomeby Eugene Ionesco. Directed by Michael Fuller
  • Who Are You?Written & directed by Allan Man
  • Set It Down With Gold on Lasting Pillarsby Frederick Bailey. Directed by Michael Fuller



THE ADOLF HITLER SHOW by Sam Eisenstein & Ron Sossi. Directed by Ron Sossi

THE HASHISH CLUB Written & performed by The Company Theatre

SOAP Written & directed by David Man

The Marriage by Witold Gombrowicz and adapted by the Aleph Company. Directed by Sharon Ott


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ELIZABETH ONE by Paul Foster. Directed by Ron Sossi




  • NOONDAY DEMONSby Peter Barnes. Directed by Ron Sossi
  • A THEOLOGICAL POSITIONby Robert Coover. Directed by Ron Sossi

TO SEE THE PLANET by Elizabeth Clark. Directed by Liebe Gray

THREEPENNY OPERA by Bertolt Brecht. Directed by Ron Sossi



DON JUAN by Moliere. Directed by Anne Bowen

THE UNDERPANTS by Carl Sternheim. Directed by Frank Condon

WOYZECK by George Buchner. Directed by Ron Sossi

THE SOFT TOUCH by Neil Cuthbert. Directed by Ron Sossi



LITTLE MARY SUNSHINE by Rick Besoyan. Directed by John Allison

THE WATER ENGINE by David Mamet. Directed by Danny Goldman

WHITE MARRIAGE by Tadeusz Rozewicz. Directed by Ron Sossi



CAUCASIAN CHALK CIRCLE by Bertolt Brecht. Directed by Ron Sossi

ZOO STORY by Edward Albee. Directed by Kenneth Tigar

CHANGE THE WORLD: IT NEED IT songs of Bertolt Brecht. Directed & performed by Ina Wittich & DeVina

TRACERS by the Tracers Ensemble & Sheldon Lettich. Directed by John DiFusco

14 CARAT SOUL and PRELUDE TO DEATH IN VENICE by Mabou Mines. Directed by Lee Breuer

YEAR ONE OF THE EMPIRE by Elinor Fuchs & Joyce Antler. Directed by Frank Condon

SALMON SHOW Written & performed by Bob Carroll

MONDAY NIGHT JAZZ a series of guest artists

MARATHON MADNESS by Phillip Mishkin & Julie Russo. Directed by John Flynn

NIGHTCLUB CATATA Music and Lyrics by Elizabeth Swados. Directed by Bill Castellino

THE CHICAGO CONSPIRACY TRIAL by Ron Sossi & Frank Condon. Directed by Frank Condon

SUICIDE IN B FLAT by Sam Shepard. Directed by Ron Sossi


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THE ELOCUTION OF BENJAMIN by Steven Spears. Directed by G.W. Bailey

BAAL by Bertolt Brecht. Directed by Andrew E. Doe

THE MAN WHO KILLED THE BUDDHA by Marty Epstein. Directed by David Irving

GREAT AMERICAN PLAYWRIGHT SHOW: 5-minute plays by Thomas Babe, Doris Baizley, Israel Horovitz, Corrine Jacker, David Mamet, Michael McClure, Eva Merriam, Ernest Thompson, Dalene Young. Directed by Tony Abatamarco, Jeremy Blahnik, George Boyd, Bill Castellino, Danny Goldman, Victoria Hochberg, Eve Merriam, Ron Sossi



MARY BARNES by David Edgar. Directed by Ron Sossi

NABOKOV Written & directed by Albert Paulson

CONFESSIONS OF AN IRISH REBEL Compiled, directed & performed by Shay Duffin

END OF SUMMER by S. N. Behrman. Directed by John Allison

IONESCOPADE by Eugene Ionesco & Mildred  Kayden. Directed by Bill Castellino

POWER LINES by Joel Schwartz. Directed by George Boyd


  • THE EXCEPTION & THE RULEby Bertolt Brecht. Directed by Frank Condon
  • THE LITTLE MAHAGONNYby Bertolt Brecht. Directed by Ina Wittich & Ron Sossi
  • THE BADEN TEACHING PLAYby Bertolt Brecht. Directed by Ron Sossi

BRECHT MEETS H.U.A.C. Written & directed by Cyndy Turnage and Ron Sossi

DON JUAN COMES BACK FROM THE WAR by Odon von Horvath. Directed by Deborah LaVine

SOMETHINGS ROCKIN’ IN DENMARK music and lyrics by Cliff Jones from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Directed by Bill Castellino

SKIN by David Scott Milton. Directed by Jonathan Estrin

FANTOD: A VICTORIAN REVERIE by Amlin Gray. Directed by Ron Sossi

YERMA by Frederico Garcia Lorca. Directed by Stephen Fischer

THE MANDRAKE adapted from Machiavelli by Igor Dimont & Karl Maurer. Directed by Igor Dimont



LULLABYE AND GOODNIGHT by Elizabeth Swados, Directed by Bill Castellino

THE FROGS by Aristophanes, Adapted by Stephen Sondheim & Burt Shevelove, Directed by Ron Sossi

IN THE MATTER OF J. ROBERT OPPENHEIMER by Heinar Kipphardt. Directed by Frank Condon

MARIE AND BRUCE by Wallace Shawn. Directed by Ron Sossi

THE BALCONY by Jean Genet. Directed by Steve Kent

HOLLYWOOD MAGIC Written & directed by Michael Lally

CHUCKY’S HUNCH by Rochelle Owens. Directed by Elinor Renfield



RAP MASTER RONNIE by Elizabeth Swados & Garry  Trudeau. Directed by Frank Condon & Bill Castellino

BULLPEN by Steve Kluger. Directed by Tom McLoughlin

NAZI MIND (trilogy):

  • HESSby Michael Burrell. Directed by Frank Condon
  • SUMMIT CONFERENCEby David McDonald. Directed by Danny Goldman
  • PORTAGE TO SAN CHISTOBAL OF A. George Steiner, Adapted by Christopher Hampton. Directed by Ron                  Sossi

STRANGE SNOW by Steve Metcalfe. Directed by Theresa Bailey

EDMOND by David Mamet. Directed by Ron Sossi

THE MISER by Moliere. Adapted & directed by Frank Condon

HOW TO BE A GREAT WRITER Complied, directed, & performed by Mina E. Mina

CREATURES Written & directed by Gar Campbell

MOTHER COURAGE by Bertolt Brecht. Directed by Ron Sossi

THE WHALE CONCERTS Written & directed by Liebe Grey



PERSONALITY by Gina Wendkos & Ellen Ratner. Directed by Gina Wendkos

FOUR CORNERS by Gina Wendkos. Directed by Gina Wendkos & Richard Press

WINGS by Arthur Kopit. Directed by Mark Travis

BLOOD MOON by Nicholas Kazan. Directed by Frank Condon

THE MUMS performed by Roy Johns, Albie Selznick & Nathan Stein

BASHVILLE by G. B. Shaw. Adapted by Benny Green. Directed by John Allison

CROSSING NIAGRA by Alonso Alegria. Directed by Albert Paulsen


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JOHNNY JOHNSON by Kurt Weill and Paul Green. Directed by Ron Sossi

KVETCH Written & directed by Steven Berkoff

BOSOMS AND NEGLECT by John Guare. Directed by Ron Sossi

JAIL DIARY OF ALBI SACHS by David Edgar. Directed by Deborah LaVine

A VOYAGE TO ARCTURUS by David Lindsay. Adapted by David Wolpe from the novel by David Lindsay. Conceived and directed by Ron Sossi



THE CAGE by Rick Clutchey & the San Quentin Theatre Lab. Directed by Rick Clutchey

HUNGER AND THIRST by Eugene Ionesco. Directed by Maurice Attias

BOYS & GIRLS/ MEN & WOMEN Written & directed by Gina Wendkos

MENSCH MEIER by Franz Xaver Kroetz. Directed by Victor Brandt

A PROVINCIAL EPISODE by Lali Roseba. Directed by Melanie Jones

THE ISLAND by The Glorious Players. Directed by Debbie Devine

MASTER CLASS by David Pownall. Directed by Ron Sossi

THE WOODS by David Mamet. Directed by Frank Condon

TOM AND VIV by Michael Hastings. Directed by Robert Goldsby



McCARTHY by Jeff Goldsmith. Directed by Frank Condon

ANGRY HOUSEWIVES by A. M. Collins. Directed by David Galligan

SHAKERS by John Godber & Jane Thornton. Directed by Ron Link

THREE TOP HATS by Miguel Mihura. Directed by Ron Sossi

THE SHOEMAKERS by Stanislaw Witkiewicz. Adapted & directed by Kazimierz Braun



ACCIDENTAL DEATH OF ANARCHIST by Dario Fo. Directed by Ron Sossi

Relocated from Ohio & Bundy to its location on Sepulveda Blvd. – 2055 S. Sepulveda Blvd.


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FAITH HEALER by Brian Friel. Directed by Jack Rowe

DISABILITY: a comedy by Ron Whyte. Directed by Frank Condon

SYMMES HOLE book, music and lyrics by Randolph Dreyfuss. Directed by Carol Corwen

IDIOGLOSSIA by Mark Handley. Directed by Ron Sossi

LADY DAY Written & directed by Stephen Stahl

FIREWAVES Choreographed by Gilberte Meunier, Betty Nash, and Martin Kersels

SPRING AWAKENING by Frank Wedekind in a new translation by Rick Foster. Directed by Michael Arabian

FLIGHTS OF FEAR AND FANCY Written & performed by Kedric Robin Wolfe. Directed by Scott Kelman



ROAD TO NIRVANA by Arthur Kopit. Directed by Ron Sossi

RAMEAU’S NEPHEW by Diderot. Adapted & Directed by Andrei Belgrader

CIRQUE DU L.A.: WORKING WITHOUT ANNETTE by The Glorious Players. Directed by Debbie Devine

DIARY OF A MADMAN by Gogol. Adapted, performed and directed by Ismaïl Kanater

ACAPULCO Written & directed by Steven Berkoff

STRUGGLING TRUTHS by Peter Mellencamp. Directed by Ron Sossi

SALT LAKE CITY SKYLINE by Thomas Babe. Directed by Frank Condon

THE CRACKWALKER by Judith Thompson. Directed by Colman deKay

EAST by Steven Berkoff. Directed by Barry Philips

IT’S A GIRL by John Burrows & Andy Whitfield. Directed by Robin Saex

NIGHTCLUB CANTATA by Elizabeth Swados. Directed by Bill Castellino



AMONG THE VIPERS by Ernest Kearney. Directed by Jan Lewis

ARCHY & MEHITABEL by Joe Darion & Mel Brooks, adapted from the stories of Don Marquis. Directed by John Bowen

ACCELERANDO by Lisa Loomer. Directed by Jody McAuliffee & Ron Sossi

HOSPITALITY by Allan Havis. Directed by Steven Albrezzi

ABSURD PERSON SINGULAR by Alan Ayckbourn. Directed by Ron Sossi

MOJAVE by Bradley Rand Smith. Directed by Charlie Otte

MACBETH by William Shakespeare, adapted & directed by Charles Marowitz

TEA by Velina Hasu Houston. Directed by Julianne Boyd



THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING IRISH Written & performed by Shay Duffin

CONFESSIONS OF AN IRISH REBEL Written & performed by Shay Dufin

EL GRANDE DE COCA COLA Written & directed by Ron House & Diz White

GOD’S COUNTRY by Steven Dietz. Directed by Frank Condon

A MAP OF THE WORLD by David Hare, Directed by Allan Miller

ONLY KIDDING! by Jim Geoghan. Directed by Larry Arrick

VIRTUS Written and directed by Gregg Loughridge



THE SNOW MAIDEN by Debbie Devine

THE LA LA AWARDS ’93 Written and performed by Latin Anonymous

GOOSE AMID THE REVOLT Written and directed by Rik Pagano

BLUE CORRIDOR Words, music, and lyrics by Mimi Seton. Conceived & directed by Mark Bringelson

COLOR ME BLACK by Randy Saint Martin. Directed by Barry Philips

FRAULEINS IN UNDERWEAR translated by Carl R. Mueller. Directed by Ron Sossi

THE ART OF SUCCESS Written by Nick Dear. Directed by Al Rossi

IMPERCEPTIBLE MUTABILITIES IN THE THIRD KINGDOM Written by Suzan-Lori Parks. Directed by Peter Brosius

LOVE SUICIDE AT SCHOFIELD BARRACKS Written by Romulus Linney. Directed by Harris Yulin



FEAR OF A BROWN PLANET Written & performed by Chicano Secret Service

INCOMMUNICADO Written & directed by Tom Dulack

PUNTILA & MATTI by Bertolt Brecht. Directed by Tony Abatemarco

THE BACCHAE by Euripides. Directed by Ron Sossi

IVONA, PRINCESS OF BURGUNDIA by Witold Gombrowicz. Directed by Ron Sossi



EATING RAOUL by Paul Bartel (book), Jed Feuer (music), Boyd Graham (lyrics). Directed by Scott Wittman

FRANKENSTIEN  by Debbie Devine and Jay McAdams. Directed by Debbie Devine

2 BITZ: OFFENDING THE AUDIENCE by Peter Handke and The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard. Directed by Ron Sossi

ONE GRIMM EVENING by Jason Loewith and Dean O’Donnell. Directed by Jason Leowith and John Benitz

AWAKE AND SING! by Clifford Odets. Directed by Elina Desantos

STUMPS by Mark Dedoff. Directed by Allen Miller

SIGHT UNSEEN by Donald Marguilies. Directed by Michael Bloom

MUSIC FROM DOWN THE HILL by John Ford Noonan. Directed by Dorothy Lyman

CHICAGO CONSIRACY TRIAL by Ron Sossi & Frank Condon. Directed by Frank Condon

DON JUAN IN HELL by George Bernard Shaw. Directed by Harris Yulen

THE MADWOMAN OF CHAILLOT by Jean Giraudoux. Directed by Ron Sossi



ARE YOU NOW OR HAVE YOU EVER BEEN by Eric Bentley. Directed by Alan Miller

THE SWAN by Elizabeth Egloff. Directed by Marilyn Fox

FIVE WOMEN WEARING THE SAME DRESS by Alan Ball. Directed by Ron Sossi

ABEL & CAIN: A BIBICAL DEBACLE Written and performed by Fred Curchack and Daniel Stien

WHAT FOOLS THESE MORTALS BE Written and performed by Fred Curchack

STUFF S DREAMS ARE MADE ON Written and performed by Fred Curchack

MARY BARNES by David Edgar. Directed by Ron Sossi

ASPECTS OF THE OBSCENE by Bou Tillisch. Directed by Jan Lewis


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EXPECTING BOBBY by John Bunzel. Directed by Art Wolff

FROM MY GRANDMOTHER’S GRANDMOTHER UNTO ME by Clarinda & Charlotte Ross. Directed by David T. Thomad

LOVE COUNCIL by Oskar Panizza. Directed by Ron Sossi

LUCKY STIFF by Jeffery Hatcher. Directed by Gary Gardner

AVENUE X by John Jiler & Ray Leslee. Directed by John DiFusco

CEMENTVILLE by Jane Martin. Directed by Ron Sossi

KOKORO  by Velina Hasu Houston. Directed by Jan Lewis

THE DRESSER by Ronald Harwood. Directed by Ron Sossi

ALL MY SONS by Arthur Miller. Directed by Elina Desantos



BLACK BOX by Kenneth Robin. Directed by David Schweizer

RHINOCEROS by Eugene Ionesco. Directed by Ron Sossi

PRIVATE EYES by Steven Dietz. Directed by Ron Sossi

GIGLI CONCERT  by Tom Murphy. Directed by Alan Miller

OLYMPUS ON MY MIND by Harmon & Saturiale. Directed by Roger Bean

BREMEN FREEDOM by Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Directed by Ron Sossi

THE MUSIC OF MAGDALENA BAY by Jan Johnson. Directed by Debbie Deine in co-production with Glorious Players

MASSAGE written and directed by Steven Berkoff

SPEED THE PLOW by David Mamet. Directed by Elina DeSantos

THEATRE KANA by Venedict Erofeyev. Directed by Zygmunt Duczynki



ALI by Geoffrey C. Ewing & Graydon Rocye. Directed by John DiFusco

COLD STORAGE by Ronald Ribman. Directed by Jeff Seymour

GILA by Mark Medoff. Directed by Andrew Shea

LITTLE MURDERS by Jules Feiffer. Directed by Ron Sossi

A PERFECT GARNESH by Terrence McNally. Directed by Allan Miller

THE GOOD WOMAN OD SETZUAN by Bertold Bertch. Directed by Ron Sossi

BRETCH ON BRETCH by Bertold Bretch. Directed by Ron Sossi

ECSTASY by Mike Leigh. Directed by Abby Epstein



MWMORANDUM by Vaclav Havel. Directed by Jessica Kubzansky

THE GREEKS (Part I) by Euripedes, Sophocles and Aeschylus, adapted by Kenneth Cavander, Directed by Ron Sossi

THE GREEKS (Part II) by Euripedes, Sophocles and Aeschylus, adapted by Kenneth Cavander, Directed by Ron Sossi

THE CHEATS OF SCAPIN by Moliere. Directed byJack Stehlin (co-produced with Circus Theatricals)

SHAKESPEARE’S VILLANS from Shakespeare. Performed and directed by Steven Berkoff

ONCE IN DOUBT by Raymond Barry. Directed by Bernard White

900 ONEONTA written and directed by David Beaird

I MUST BE MR. BOSWELL by Kenneth Tigar. Directed by Lawrence Osgood

SUITCASE TALES:  THE VENTRILOQUIST’S WIFE by Charles Ludlam and THE FLATULIST by Murray Schisgal. Directed by Richard Hochberg & Ron Sosso

WHEN I WAS A GIRL, I USED TO SCREAM AND SHOUT by Sherman Mac Donald. Directed by Elina DeSantos



DIVA ON THE VERGE written and performed by Julia Migenes. Directed by Travis Preston

TIS PITY SHE’S A WHORE by John Ford. Directed by James Gales

GORE MORE YEARS OR SON OF A BUSH  Performed and directed by Gross National Product

TAKING SIDES by Ron Harwood. Directed by Ron Sossi

A MONTH IN THE COUNTRY  by Ivan Turgenev. Directed by Dorothy Lyman

HAMLET by William Shakespeare. Directed by Casey Biggs (co-produced with the Circus Theatricals)

NIGHT SKY by Susan Yankowitz. Directed by Hope Alexander

SAKINA’S RESTAURANT by Aasif Mandvi. Directed by Kim Hughes


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THE MAGIC FLUTE  Adapted and directed by Koni McCurdy from the opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

DIVA ON THE VERGE  by Julia Migenes. Directed by Travis Preston

AFTER CRYSTAL NIGHT  by John Herman Shaner. Directed by Robert Walden

THE MAN WHO NEVER SAW WOMAN’S NAKEDNESS by Moritz Rinke. Directed by Amelie Niermeyer

SONGPLAY by Jonathan Eaton. Directed by Rob Walker. Musical directed by Sean Paxton

SOUNDINGS by Beverly Olevin. Direvted by Jon Lawence Rivera

THE FAUST PROJEKT by Johann Geothe and performed by the KOAN Unit. Directed by Ron Sossi

TRACERS Conceived by John DiFusco, written and performed by the Tracers Ensemble and Sheldon Lettich. Directed by John DiFusco

TRUE WEST  by Sam Shepard. Directed by Jack Stehlin (co-produced with Circus Theatricals)



THE SECRET OF LOVE LIFE OF OPHELIA by Stevon Berkoff. Directed by Barry Philips

STANDUP SHAKESPEARE words by William Shakespeare, music by Ray Leslee, book by Kenneth Welsh. Directed by Casey Briggs

COMMUNICATING DOORS by Alan Ayckbourn. Directed by Barry Philips

THE CHERRY ORCHARD by Anton Chevhov. Directed by Jack Stehlin (co-produced with Circus Theatricals)

THE PRICE by Arthur Miller. Directed by John Schuck

RICHARD III by William Shakespeare. Directed by Casey Biggs (co-produced with Circus Theatricals)



THE PENIS MONOLOGUES by WIlliam Manus. Directed by Louis Fantasia

TIMES LIKE THESE Written and directed by John O’Keefe

BUDDAH’S BIG NITE  Concieved by Ron Sossi. Original material by the KOAN Unit plus excerpts from: Attar’s The Conference of the Birds, Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha, Ionesco’s Exit the King. Additional short quotes from: Bretch, Sam Shepard, Peter Handke, Alan Watts, Arthur Kopit, The Bhagavad-Gita and other Hindu, Buddhist, and Sufi texts. Directed by Ron Sossi

FIRST LOVE by Charles Mee. Directed by Alan Miller

TARTUFFE by Moliere. Directed by Jack Stehlin (co-produced with Circus Theatricals)

BECAUSE I SAID SO Written and directed by Raymond J Barry.

SIX CHARACTERS LOOKING FOR A WRITER  by Luigi Pirandello. Adapated and directed by Robert Benedetti. Co-Produced by David Lee Kelting

AMONG THE THUGS by Tom Szentgyorgyi, adapted from a novel by Bill Buford. Directed by Steve Pickering

FAR AWAY by Caryl Churchill. Directed by Ron Sossi



THE FOREIGNER by Larry Shue. Directed by Steve Albrezzi

NON-VITAL ORGANS by Gigi Bermingham. Directed by Craig Carlisle

THE CONQUEST OF THE SOUTH POLE by Manfred Karge. Directed by Steve Pickering

THE LONESOME WEST  by Martin Lonergan. Directed by Barry Phillips

DIARY OF A MAD MAN  bu Nikolai Gogol. Adapted by Don Eitner & Tom Troupe. Directed by Don Eitner

MACBETH by William Shakespeare. Directed by Casey Biggs (co-produced with Circus Theatricals)

SIT AND SHIVER  Written and directed by Steven Berkoff

FERDYDURKE by Witold Gombrowicz. Directed by Witold Mazurkiewicz and Allen J Kuharski



STAGE DIRECTIONS  by Trey Wilson. Directed by Dan Bonnell

THE THREEPENNY OPERA  by Bertolt Bretch & Kurt Weill and adapted by Marc Blitzstein. Directed by Ron Sossi

REAPERS Written and directed by John O’Keefe

FLAGS by Jane Martin. Directed by Jenni Sullivan

MISANTROPE by Moliere, translated by Richard Wilbur. Directed by Jack Stehlin (co-produced with Circus Theatricals)

THREE TRAVELERS  by Richard Abrons. Directed by Jay Board

KAFKA THING form the writings of Franz Kafka. Conceived by Ron Sossi and the KOAN Unit. Directed by Ron Sossi


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THE OLDEST PROFESSION  by Paula Vogel. Directed by Ken Sawyer

MOONLIGHT AND MAGNOLIAS by ROn Hutchinson. Directed by Scott Cummins

A CHORUS OF DISAPPROVAL by Alan Ayckbourn. Directed by Scott Cummins

FENCES  by August Wilson. Directed by Jeffery Hayden

POUND OF FLESH  Written and directed by Michael Peter Bolus

FIRST MONDAY IN OCTOBER by Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee. Directed by Allan Miller

MR. KOLPERT by David Gieselmann, translated by David Tushingham. Directed by Scott Cummins



THE CHICAGO CONSPIRACY TRIAL  by Ron Sossi and Frank Condon. Directed by Frank Condon

THIS LIME TREE BOWER by Conor McPherson. Directed by Allan Miller

HOW THE OTHER HALF LOVES by Alan Ayckbourn. directed by Barry Philips

DESIRE UNFER THE ELMS  by Eugene O’Neill. Directed by Jeffery Hayden

SLIDING INTO THE HADES Conceived by Ron Sossi, created by the KOAN Unit, written by Aaron Henne. Directed by Ron Sossi

SMALL TRAGEDY by Craig Lucas. Directed by John Perrin Flynn



A MAN’S A MAN by Bertolt Brecht, translated by Carl Mueller. Performed by the KOAN Unit and directed by Ron Sossi

SHEL SILVERSTEIN UNCENSORED by Shel Silverstein. Directed by Dan Bonnell.

ABIGAL’S PARTY by Mike Leigh. Directed by Julian Holloway

ROSE by Martin Sherman. Directed by Judy Chaikin

THE SUNSHINE BOYS by Neil Simon. Directed by Jeff Hayden

THE BRIG by Kenneth Brown. Directed by Tom Lillard

Edge (Life of Sylvia Plath) by Paul Alexander, Written and directed by Paul Alexander



LA POSADA MAGICA by Octavio Solis, Music by Marcos Loya. Directed by Diane Rodriguez

NO MAN’S LAND by Harold Pinter. Directed by Michael Peretzian

THE THREE SISTERS  by Anton Chekov. Directed by Jack Stehlin (co-produced with Circus Theatricals)

THE RECEPTIONIST by Adam Block. Directed by Bart de Lorenzo

VFRANZ SCHUBERT: His Letters of His Muic by Phillipe Calvario & Julia Migenes. Directed by Perter Medak

HEAVY LIKE THE WEIGHT OF A FLAME by James Gabriel & R. Ernie Silva. Directed by  Mary Joan Negro

THE LAST DAYS OF JUDAS ISCARIOT by Stephen Adly Guirgis. Directed by Al Rosso (co-produced with L.A. City College)

A NUMBER by Carol Churchill. Directed by Bart de Lorenze

THE TAMING OF THE SHREW by William Shakespeare. Directed by Jack Stehlin (co-produced with Circus Theatricals)

TAKING STEPS  by Alan Ayckbourn. Directed by Alan Miller and Ron Sossi

A WOMAN’S EYE  Written and directed by Fulya Diner, Chie Saito & Kate Whitney



THE ARSONISTS  by Max Frisch, translated by Alistair Beaton, performed by the KOAN Unit. Directed by Ron Sossi

DUAL CITIZENS by Anthony Nikolchev & Romuald Wica-Polok. Directe by Juston Denis, Jane Kaufman, Yurly Kordonsky, Romuald Wica-Pokojski, Joe Stankus & Lily Wahrman

A SONG AT TWILIGHT  by Noel Coward. Directed by James Glossman

AN OAK TREE  by Tim Couch. Directed by Tim Crouch, Karl James & A. Smith


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ADDING MACHINE by Joshua Schmidt and Jason Loewith. Directed by Ron Sossi.

JUNO AND THE PAYCOCK by Sean O’Casey. Directed by Allan Miller.

BLOOD WEDDING by Federico Garcia Lorca. Directed by Jon Lawrence Rivera.

END DAYS by Deborah Zoe Laufer. Directed by Lisa James.

DAY DRINKERS by Justin Tanner.

WAY TO HEAVEN by Juan Mayorga. Directed by Ron Sossi.

FORGOTTEN by Pat Kinevane.

WINDOWS by Mathias Greffrath, Directed by Elias Perrig, Starring Clemens Schick,  a co-production with Nicholas Goldsborough



WHAT THE BUTLER SAW by Joe Orton. Directed by Alan Patrick Kenny.

THE FALL TO EARTH by Joel Drake Johnson. Directed by Robin Larsen.

IVANOV by Anton Chekhov. Directed by Bart DeLorenzo.

THE IRISH CURSE by Martin Casella. Directed by Andrew Barnicle.

THEATRE IN THE DARK (PART I) by various playwrights.

THEATRE IN THE DARK (PART II) by various playwrights.



RANK by Robert Massey. Directed by Wilson Milana.

ANNAPURNA by Sharr White. Directed by Bart DeLorenzo.

IONESCOPADE by Eugene Ionesco. Directed by Bill Castellino.

IN MY CORNER by Lizbeth Hasse and Joe Orrach. Directed by Jeremiah Chechik.

HAMLET by William Shakespeare. Directed by Lisa Wolpe and Natsuko Ohama.

CREDITORS by August Strindberg. Directed by David Trainer.



PASSION PLAY by Sarah Ruhl. Directed by Bart DeLorenzo

FORGOTTEN by Pat Kinevane. Directed by Jim Cullen

SILENT by Pat Kinevane. Directed by Jim Cullen

WHITE MARRIAGE by Tadeusz Różewic. Translated by Adam Czerniawski. Directed by Ron Sossi

A DELICATE BALANCE by Edward Albee. Directed by Robin Larson

BROADWAY BOUND by Neil Simon. Directed by Jason Alexander

OUR LADY OF 121ST ST by Stephen Adly Guirgis. Directed by Leslie Ferreira




THE EMIGRANTS by S?awomir Mro?ek. Presented in Polish w/English subtitles by the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Los Angeles in association with Modjeska Art and Culture Club.

OEDIPUS MACHINA Inspired by Ellen McLaughlin‘s Oedipus.
Adapted from the Sophocles text. Directed by Ron Sossi

SUNSET BABY by Dominique Morisseau. Directed by Jeffrey Hayden

THE FALSE SERVANT by Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de Marivaux. New Translation by Martin Crimp. Directed by Bart DeLorenzo

AWAKE & SING! by Clifford Odets. Directed by Elina DeSantos


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JULIA SINGS KURT WEIL presented by Julia Migenes. Directed by Peter Medak

MY SISTER by Janet Schlapkohl. Directed by Ron Sossi

TEMPEST REDUX by William Shakespeare. Directed by John Farmanesh-Bocca

THE HAIRY APE by Eugene O’Neal. Directed by Stephen Berkoff

HOME/SICK by The Assembly Theatre. Directed by Jess Chayes

GO BACK TO WHERE YOU ARE. by David Greenspan. Directed by Bart DeLorenzo.

A TASTE OF HONEY by Shelagh Delaney. Directed by Kim Rubenstein.

UNDERNEATH Written & Performed by Pat Kinevane. Directed by Jim Culleton

SILENT Written & Performed by Pat Kinevane. Directed by Jim Culleton (Encore performance)



DANCE AT THE ODYSSEY – Mamaza (Germany), Galiana & Nikolchev’s Useless Room (Poland), Herencia Flamenca, L.A. Contemporary Dance Company

BECKETT5 (Act Without WordsCome & GoFootfalls, Catastrophe & Krapp’s Last Tape). by Samuel Beckett. Performed by the KOAN Unit. Directed by Ron Sossi.

DEBUSSY: His Letters & His Music.  Music & Lyrics by Claude Debussy. Performed by Julia Migenes. Directed by Peter Medak

PUNK ROCK by Simon Stephens. Directed by Lisa James

KISS by Guillermo Calderon. Directed by Bart DeLorenzo

JACQUES BREL IS ALIVE & WELL & LIVING IN PARIS Music & lyrics by Jacques Brel. Directed by Dan Fishbach

ARSENIC & OLD LACE by Joseph Kesselring. Directed by Elina deSantos

THE DANCE OF DEATH  by August Strindberg, an adaptation by Conor McPherson. Directed by Ron Sossi



DANCE AT THE ODYSSEY – The TL Collective, L.A. Contemporary Dance Company, Corina Kinnear, JUST IN TIME (Letter to Dance), Choreographers deufert&plischke, a co-production with Goethe-Institut, Los Angeles

FREUD’S LAST SESSION by Mark St. Germain. Directed by Robert Mandel

FORGOTTEN, SILENT & UNDERNEATH Written & Performed by Pat Kinevane. Directed by Jim Culleton

BAD JEWS by Joshua Harmon. Directed by Dana Resnick

LYSISTRATA UNBOUND by Eduardo Machado. Directed by John Farmanesh-Bocca

SIDE BY SIDE BY SONDHEIM with Music by Stephen Sondheim.

Directed by Dan Fishbach

OLD CLOWN WANTED by Matei Visniec. Directed by Florinel Fatulescu.

STEAMBATH by Bruce Jay Friedman. Directed by Ron Sossi

BLACKTOP HIGHWAY by John Fleck, Directed by Randee Trabitz




DANCE AT THE ODYSSEY – Shade Theret & Lukas Panek, Acts of Matter, L.A. Contemporary Dance Company, The TL Collective & The JA Collective, La Dansa Dansa, Kevin Williamson + Company

HIR by Taylor Mac. Directed by Bart DeLorenzo

FAITH HEALER by Brian Friel. Directed by Ron Sossi

LOOT by Joe Orton. Directed by Bart De Lorenzo

FEFU AND HER FRIENDS by Maria Irene Fornes. Directed by Denise Blasor

IN CIRCLES Lyrics by Gertrude Stein Music by Al Carmines. Directed by David Schweizer

Chansons de France Performed by Julia Migenes. Directed by Peter Medak

BEFORE Written & Performed by Pat Kinevane. Directed by Jim Culleton



DANCE AT THE ODYSSEY – The JA Collective/Slauson Rec., L.A. Contemporary Dance Company, Victoria Marks

THE UNSEEN HAND & KILLER’S HEAD by Sam Shepard, Directed by Darrell Larson

THE SERPENT by Jean-Claude van Itallie, Directed by Ron Sossi

LA VIE EN ROSE by Maurice Yvain, Georges Moustaki & Marguerite Monnot, Charles Aznavour, Leo Ferre, Francois Rauber & Jacques Brel, Pierre Barouh, Michel Legrand,  Jacques Demy, Directed by Peter Medak, Starring Julia Migenes