The Un(Double)

The Double by Dostoevsky serves as the backbone deep in this physical dance/theater piece’s origins. Dostoevsky’s first published novella arguably births the anti-hero and an example of why narrative, individual freewill, choices, can be devastating to self and society. The Un(Double) is a physical theater unravelling of the heroic narratives that drive an individual’s life journey and the devastation when that projection of self is not met. 

Created by: Anthony Nikolchev

Choreographers: Lukasz Przytarski, Anthony Nikolchev, Gema Galiana

Performed and Devised by: Anthony Nikolchev, Lukasz Przytarski, Hunter “Mahmoud” Abal-Sadeq

Co-Direction: Gema Galiana and Hunter “Mahmoud” Abal-Sadeq

Original Text by: Anthony Nikolchev, with interviews from WD, Blake Emerson 

Adapted Text: The Double by Fyodor Dostoevsky, various court transcripts

Set Design: John Isaac Watters

Produced by: Jules Hyun