Terrance Stewart

Stage Manager

As a former Squad Leader in the U.S. Army, Terrance Stewart was responsible for preparing the members of his squad for combat duty. With his trustworthiness, dedication and innovative thinking, he not only won the respect and admiration of his superiors, he left the military after 7 years of service with a superior skill set and level of expertise that he successfully implemented in his real estate and acting career. Terrance traveled the world while serving his country, living in Germany, Afghanistan, Thailand, Hawaii, New York City and Kuwait. With visits to many other places. Today he enjoys traveling for pleasure, but his greatest love is food and music because he realizes these two elements do one thing, bring people together with their diverse cultures, cuisines, and sounds. Los Angeles allows him to experience the best of all the counties he’s seen in a truly authentic way. But what brings him real joy is meeting new people and listening to their stories