Sharon Barr


Sharon is best known to Television audiences for her work in Seinfeld, Cheers, Hill Street Blues, Max Headroom (series regular) and over forty other Television shows.  In films she’s worked with Blake Edwards, Martin Ritt, Wes Craven, John Fortenberry Alex Cox and Dario Argento. She started her theatrical career in New York where after attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts she starred in plays by Tom Eyen (DREAMGIRLS), Sam Shepheard, Ronald Tavel, David Mamet, William Hauptman, and others.  Excerpts from her novel LIKE a COMPLETE UNKNOWN (available in 2024) have been published in Forge lit. magazine; AXIS MUNDI, a short film she directed and starred in was selected for twelve international film festivals and won two awards. Recently returned from five months in Paris, not only did she eat very well, but she also participated in two different workshops as a performer and writer.