Richard Alger


Richard is Executive Director and co-founder of Theatre Movement Bazaar. He wrote TMB’s TRACK 3, HOT CAT, THE TREATMENT, CHERRY JAM, ANTON’S UNCLES and MODEL BEHAVIOR.  He wrote and performed in TMB’s SUBLIMINAL, MONSTER OF HAPPINESS, CAFE OUBLIE and DRY CLEANING.  Richard wrote and designed TMB’s GRAIL PROJECT, POKER NIGHT BLUES (translated and performed in Mandarin), ВЕЛИКИЙ GATSBY (translated and performed in Russian), BIG SHOT, STRANGE BELIEFS, CIRQUE PICNIQUE, and DUMBSHOW. In addition to co-writing ANTON’S UNCLES for Los Angeles City College, he wrote the new play THE FLOOD, the adaptations for POST PINOCCHIO, PLATONOV-AN UNFINSIHED PARTY, GOVERNMENT INSPECTOR, MODEL BEHAVIOR, SEAGULL, as well as collaborating with Leslie Ferreira and Tina Kronis as text engineer to create UNTITLED WARHOL PROJECT.  Mr. Alger has a mechanical engineering background and has been in the motion picture industry for over 30 years.   Not only has he seen the characters you’ll meet in ALICE, he’s one of them!  Look for TMB’s, TINY LITTLE TOWN in Edinburgh and London.