Rebekah “Beks” Denegal


After a very heady year of 2022 and a ton of discovery, there’s no other way but to Manifest what was & what is to come/2023 .
I love You.
Rebekah Denegal, also known as Beks, from Pasadena & South Central, CA grew up as a freestyle dancer, influenced by BET Music Videos & Clown dancing. Rebekah experienced her first form of training in West African Dance at the age of 7 in South Central, CA. From there she was in and out of various dance studios such as Debbie Allen Dance Academy, Sue B. Dance Academy, and Eleone Dance Unlimited out of Philadelphia to name a few. At the age of 17, Rebekah Denegal found the Athletic Garage Scholarship Program 2010, she trained in ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz, house, salsa, and hip hop and from there she was introduced to Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio to study many other genres of dance. While continuing to conquer her dreams as a professional dancer, she’s now taking steps as a choreographer & expanding her skills to learn and teach all levels of dance.