Primera Generación Dance Collective

Primera Generación Dance Collective (PGDC) is a collaborative group based in L.A/Riverside, California and is formed by Alfonso Cervera, Rosa Rodriguez-Frazier, Irvin Manuel Gonzalez, and Patricia “Patty” Huerta. PGDC focuses on the visibilization of Mexican American corporeality, joy, and loss through movement-based exploration, process, and performance. The collective grounds their works in rasquache play and resourcefulness, generating work that speaks to their brown, working-class experiences. Utilizing a hybridization of text, satire, song, and movement, the collective fuses together their eclectic aesthetics to expose “el desmadre” (messiness) that is embedded in being first-generation, Mexican Americans, reclaiming iconography and “low brow” art to spark Latinx futurity. In 2021 the collective received the National Endowment of the Arts Grant through Show Box L.A. to support the production of “¡Chale Vale!” a piece that explores the stories of Pachucxs in Southern California. IG: @primerageneraciondance