Maga Shukar


Actor. Singer. Nomad. Composer of Gypsy afrolatin Sounds. Born in Cordoba, Argentina, studied Theater at Escuela Integral de Teatro Roberto Arlt, after she graduated, Maga took her degree and kept it in the bottom of her backpack and started traveling the world. She has been part of Companies of Theater, Music and Circus such as: La Tormentosa Teatro, Circo Da Vinci. Circo en Escena. Rompecabezas, rock para chicos. La Contra Tango. Polen Kumpania nomade. Chacombo. Afroperuvian experience. Club Mambi. She wandered through paths, scenes and stages of Latinamerica, Europe and North Africa for more than 15 years, connecting with ancestralities and costumes, learning rhythms and dances… A cultural path that developed a Mestizo and adventurer personality. Her compositions are full of mysticism and accompanied by the forces of nature, which cradle her in the coming and going of inhabiting the city without losing my animality. From the Rio de la Plata to the Caribbean Sea it was the waters that marked her path… with Candombe she learned to embrace the drum, with Rumba everything took on a magical sense and she understood that her song becomes stronger in Afro Latin America.