Let Us Bleed, Then Heal

“Let Us Bleed, Then Heal” is a story driven work, illustrating the healing journey of Millar since the death of her Mom in 2014. Throughout the show, Millar uses voiceovers to read her past journal entries to portray the hurt, loss and also love and growth of this seven year span. This story reflects deep questions of our humanity… how can we move through life more seamlessly, not allowing our wounds to choose our paths, communication patterns and relationships? We all experience pain that feels impossible to overcome, but do you ever pause to think how to heal this hurt? The presence and awareness that Imprints dancers carry throughout this story is palpable and intriguing, and their connection to intentional movement has been integral in creating this piece. This work is emotional, vulnerable and captivating in its story and will leave you feeling contemplative of your own journey through this life.