Lena Sands

Costume Designer

Lena Sands is an award-winning costume designer for live performance, installation and film. Using a variety of materials and methods to create bold and distinctive visuals, Lena collaborates with ensembles and communities to investigate bodies, histories, and the divine. Her most recent projects include four larks’ Hymns, a visual album of contemporary tellings of Homer’s hymns, and Jennifer Koh and Davone Tines’ Everything Rises which will be at BAM this October. Favorite collaborators include companies SITI Company, Critical Mass Performance Group, Four Larks, Cornerstone Theater, Naked Empire Buffon, and directors Alexander Gedeon, Stephanie Havey and Deena Selenow.  Her designs for Venus by Suzan-Lori Parks were displayed at the State Historical Museum in Moscow as part of the exhibition “Innovative Costume of the 21st Century: The Next Generation.”  Lena was a 2021 CTG Sherwood Award finalist. She has an MFA in Design for Performance from California Institute of the Arts.