Kazimierz Braun

Prof. Kazimierz Braun, Ph.D. – Theater director, writer, and scholar. He graduated from the

Polish Literature Department at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, where he earned his

Ph.D. (1971), and from the Directing Department at the Warsaw School of Drama.

He made his Habilitation at Wrocław University (1975) and at Warsaw School of Drama (1987).

In 1989, he was appointed Full Professor with tenure at the University at Buffalo (SUNY), USA,

and in 1992, he received a Professor State Title in Poland (based on the 1984 resolution of

Wrocław University, blocked by the Communist authorities). He has held an Artistic Director

position of the City Theater of Osterwa in Lublin (1967-1974) and General Director of the same

(1971-1974). From 1975-1984 he was the General and Artistic Director of the Contemporary

Theater in Wrocław, from which he was fired because of his oppositional activities.

Since 1985, he’s lived and worked in the USA. He directed more than 150 theater and television

productions in Poland, the USA, Canada, Ireland, Germany, and other countries. He has taught at

many universities in Poland and America. He has authored more than 50 books, among them

theater history studies, novels, dramas, and poetry, published in Polish, English, Spanish, Czech,

Russian, and Ukrainian. Kazimierz Braun directed all major plays by Cyprian Norwid, both in

theaters and for the Television Theater. He has also written and directed several biographical

plays on Norwid. He has published three books on Norwid: Cyprian Norwid’s Theater Without

Theater, “My” Norwid’s Theater, Guide to the Dramatic Works of Cyprian Norwid, as well as

several articles. He has edited and written Introductions to Four Dramas by Norwid published by

the National Library.