how i became kinder, and kinder

With music by Robert Gaar, Lucy Liyou, and her own devised score, Umeda unravels an exploration of sounds that unify meaning in movement. She, along with her seven dancers, will evoke a story that invites guests to connect with the narrative from the moment they enter the space. While a 30-minute version of the work was presented in March 2023, the upcoming work continues the narrative to a resolution from the present self and into the future. Please be advised, the sound score includes explicit language.


With Jordyn Apostolache, Dante Casarin, Tori Cone, Ande Godwin, Trinity Massey, Isabella Mendoza, Azuki Umeda, Jennifer Vieweg


Stacy Fireheart – Lighting Designer

Kelsey Vidic – Costume Designer

Mary Leopo – Wardrobe

Dani Mullan – Stage Manager