Hanoch Levin


Hanoch Levin was born in Tel Aviv on December 18, 1943 and died of cancer on August 18, 1999. He wrote plays, sketches, songs, stories and poetry, and also directed most of his own plays. During his work as a playwright and stage director, he developed a unique dramatic and theatrical language, created by combining poetic written text and images designed with the actors and set designers, costume and lighting, composer and choreographer. His plays are characterized by his ability to combine the work of different artists and have always been a celebration of words and visual images, based on a great love for the theater and all who take part in the performance.

Levin left a spiritual – artistic legacy, which includes 56 plays (except for his political satires, only 33 of his plays were performed in his lifetime), two books of prose, two collections of sketches and songs, a book of poems and two books for children. In 1999, the last year of his life, he took care to publish all his works.