For over twenty years the work of the German artist duo deufert&plischke can be found at the intersection of dance, society and media. Their pieces are created in an open process with people contributing their memories and stories. Through choreography, photography, text and video they create transdisciplinary surroundings where one can spend time. Contrary to a representative understanding of performance, theater is a space through which you can move, that you can explore, a space that changes and grows. Contact and exchange are a choreography in process that is developed in a collective effort. Their multiple dance and art projects earned several awards and are presented all over the world. Kattrin Deufert and Thomas Plischke are teaching professors in in Hamburg and Essen among other cities. Since 2021 they live in the countryside by Wuppertal where they are establishing Spinnerei Schwelm as a place for experimental art for everyone.