Breayre Tender

Classically trained in various styles of dance and Theater, Breayre Tender is a multi-hyphenate Artist from Philadelphia, PA. Her disciplines, and professional experience are within dance, acting, directing, choreography, fine arts, acrobatics, fitness, Philanthropy, and Certified Fight Directing. After Obtaining her M.F.A in Theatre Arts and training at The Moscow Art Theater School  – she has gone on to perform in regional and International Theater, as well as TV and Film. Some of her favorite places she is thankful to have performed are, The Detroit Public Theater, The Odyssey Theater, The Chautauqua Theater Co., The N’Namdi Center, The Meyerhold Theater & The Shagi Theater (Moscow, Russia).

Breayre has an unwavering spirit with the purpose of awakening the underprivileged genius through tender strokes of art – with the intention to assist in the mending of humanity’s heart.

She previously performed with Kattrin and Thomas at The Odyssey Theatre in 2018 for their “Letters to Dance,” ball, and could not be more honored to help with the orchestration of “A Worn World,” four years later! She continues to search for artists like Barbara, Kattrin, and Thomas whose work creates community, bridges gaps, and brings cathartic joy to their participants.