Lily Chumas’s Evening-Length Show ‘Archetype’ (World Premiere) features her own choreography as well as works by Sadie Guthrie, Mekinna Knight, Nia Mason, Iyana Monet, Robby Olmos, Madi Ostratch, and Olivia Vannucci.

Chumas’s new work is a deeper redevelopment of her dance film ‘Red Football’ that has been screened at various film festivals and showcases since its release.


This new evening-length work unites psychoanalyst Carl Jung’s theories about archetypes in human behavior and the discography of singer, songwriter, and activist Sinéad O’Connor. 


‘Archetype’ follows a central figure through various stages of life; from pre-conception as the angel archetype, to a child, throughout adulthood and beyond.


We see the crucial and irreversible impact the central figure’s mother has had on them, from nurturing to eventually dark and manipulative. The child archetype, once innocent and impressionable, struggles and is nearly incapable of relating to the world around them in their early, developmental years.


They harshly come to the realization of their toxic yet dynamic relationship they have with their mother once they transition out of childhood. More complicated and diverse archetypes form within the central figure as they begin to welcome autonomy into their life; with this comes the battles of defining their connection with sexuality, temptation, rebellion, rage, and redemption. These battles and experiences feed both their shadow and light attributes, and we fully see them transform from a being of innocence to one of corruption. By the end of this production, we see them accept the multiplicity of archetypes that are constantly evolving and coexisting within themself.

  1. Am I Human?
  2. Never Get Old
  3. All Apologies
  4. Heroine
  5. Drink Before the War
  6. I Want To Be Loved By You/Tiny Grief Song
  7. Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered
  8. I Want Your (Hands On Me)
  9. How Nice a Woman Can Be
  10. Jump in the River
  11. Jackie
  12. Red Football
  13. Troy
  14. Success Has Made a Failure of Our Home

Director/Producer: Lily Chumas

Choreographers: Iyana Monet, Lily Chumas, Madi Ostratch, Mekinna Knight, Nia Mason, Olivia Vannucci, Robby Olmos, Sadie Guthrie


Dancers: Abbey Raymond, Alex Sdrolias, Autumn Jones, Avery Potemri, Care, Dan Wiles, Emma Vicana, Emmy Ham, Erika Soto, Gia Bella, Iyana Monet, Jane Zogbi, Jess Wicke, Kyra Cole, Mary Kate Chapman, Madi Ostratch, Marisa Ervin, May Lim, Mekinna Knight, Nia Miah Mason, Olivia Vannucci, Reagan Brummett, Robby Olmos, Sadie Guthrie, Sam Perna, Sasha Serdyukov, Tayley Shewmaker


Stage Manager: Darby Epperson

Assistant Stage Manager: Sasha Serdyukov

Director’s Assistant: Nia Miah Mason

Poster Art: Kamryn Shape