A Note from Sydney A. Mason, “Picnic” Cast Member

September 2, 2020

As a storyteller—as a Black storyteller, rarely are you given the chance to be a part of an entire cast that looks like you without the story being racially charged. So when John approached me with Picnic, it was so refreshing to know the storyline had nothing to do with the color of my skin; a privilege that is even unbeknownst to the very people who have it-a privilege of being able to express all the range that the human species can have with no repercussions or doubts. This production isn’t to challenge but to open and share the very commonalities we think are so different.

After the script, I remember instantly falling in love with the entire community. William Inge lays out this simplistic town lead by dynamic people. Whether from cross generations, different levels of education to the knowledge of dance moves, the ensemble works so intricately together in carrying out the message of Love and Legacy. I feel our version of Picnic will only heighten this heartfelt experience Inge intended.