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A Day in the Death of Joe Egg
Sep 10, 2022 – Oct 30, 2022

A Day in the Death of Joe Egg


Hilarious and heartbreaking, A Day in the Death of Joe Egg focuses on a pair of parents, Bri and Sheila, who use wry humor and defense mechanisms to cope with the daily struggle of caring for Josephine, their 10-year-old disabled daughter, affectionately nicknamed “Joe Egg.”

A dark comedy from 1967 the play by Peter Nichols was considered a masterpiece and groundbreaking for its time, and the issues faced by the two central characters as they try to keep the family together still resonate with audiences today.

Premiering in Glasgow the production moved to London the same year, then to Broadway, bringing along its star, Albert Finney, and was adapted for a 1972 film starring Alan Bates and directed by Peter Medak. It made the National Theatre’s list of the 100 most significant plays of the 20th Century. It’s been remounted numerous times, including a recent revival in London’s West End in 2019.

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Credits / Cast / Crew


Written by Peter Nichols
Directed by Robin Larsen
Costume Designer Jocelyn Hublau Parker
Set Designer John Iacovelli
Lighting Designer Martha Carter
Sound Designer Christopher Moscatiello
Prop Design Jenine MacDonald
Dramaturge Christopher Breyer
Stage Manager Jacob Price

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