An Odyssey Theatre Ensemble & New American Theatre Co-Production
 Gripping, Powerful and Blackly Comic. 
- London Daily Telegraph

In a very modern new translation by David Greig, Strindberg's classic play is a sexy, savage and fun look at marriage as a uniquely brutal system of exchange. Thought the collapse of banking was bad? It's nothing compared to wedlock. An Odyssey Theatre and New American Theatre co-production.
Written by August Strindberg
Adapted by David Greig
Directed by David Trainer

Produced by Ron Sossi & Jeannine Wisnosky Stehlin
Set Designer Thomas Walsh
Costume Designer Merrily Murray-Walsh
Lighting Designer Nicholas Davidson
Sound Designer Ron Klier
Assistant Director Noah James
Stage Manager Josie Griffin-Roosth
Graphic Designer Peter Simpson Cook
Casting Director Julie Alter

Burt Grinstead
Heather Anne Prete
Jack Stehlin
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95 Minutes

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