Past Productions 1969 – Present

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A MAN’S A MAN by Bertolt Brecht. Directed by Ron Sossi

THE SERPENT by Jean-Claude van Italie. Directed by Ron Sossi


THREEPENNY OPERA by Bertolt Brecht. Directed by Ron Sossi



  • Fox, Hound & Huntress by Lance Lee. Directed by Geraldine Chiabrera

  • Public Insult by Peter Handke. Directed by Tom L. Antha

  • The Successful Life of Three: A Skit for Vaudeville by Maria Irene Fornes. Directed by Michael Griggs

    .Location: 5230 Hollywood Blvd.


THE BACCHAE by Euripedes. Directed by Ron Sossi


PEER GYNT by Henrick Ibsen. Directed by Ron Sossi

DOMINUS MARLOWE Written & performed by the ProVisional Theatre Company. Directed by Steven Kent






by Robert Coover. Directed by Ron Sossi

GO CHILDREN SLOWLY by Arthur Sainer. Directed by Nancy Haffner


  • The Exception & the Rule by Bertolt Brecht. Directed by Michael Wolfe

  • Animal by Oliver Hailey. Directed by John DiFusco

  • Foursome by Eugene Ionesco. Directed by Michael Fuller

  • Who Are You? Written & directed by Allan Man

  • Set It Down With Gold on Lasting Pillars by Frederick Bailey. Directed by Michael Fuller


THE ADOLF HITLER SHOW by Sam Eisenstein & Ron Sossi. Directed by Ron Sossi

THE HASHISH CLUB Written & performed by The Company Theatre

SOAP Written & directed by David Man

The Marriage by Witold Gombrowicz and adapted by the Aleph Company. Directed by Sharon Ott


ELIZABETH ONE by Paul Foster. Directed by Ron Sossi



  • NOONDAY DEMONS by Peter Barnes. Directed by Ron Sossi

  • A THEOLOGICAL POSITION by Robert Coover. Directed by Ron Sossi

TO SEE THE PLANET by Elizabeth Clark. Directed by Liebe Gray

THREEPENNY OPERA by Bertolt Brecht. Directed by Ron Sossi


DON JUAN by Moliere. Directed by Anne Bowen

THE UNDERPANTS by Carl Sternheim. Directed by Frank Condon

WOYZECK by George Buchner. Directed by Ron Sossi

THE SOFT TOUCH by Neil Cuthbert. Directed by Ron Sossi


LITTLE MARY SUNSHINE by Rick Besoyan. Directed by John Allison

THE WATER ENGINE by David Mamet. Directed by Danny Goldman

WHITE MARRIAGE by Tadeusz Rozewicz. Directed by Ron Sossi


CAUCASIAN CHALK CIRCLE by Bertolt Brecht. Directed by Ron Sossi

ZOO STORY by Edward Albee. Directed by Kenneth Tigar

CHANGE THE WORLD: IT NEED IT songs of Bertolt Brecht. Directed & performed by Ina Wittich & DeVina

TRACERS by the Tracers Ensemble & Sheldon Lettich. Directed by John DiFusco

14 CARAT SOUL and PRELUDE TO DEATH IN VENICE by Mabou Mines. Directed by Lee Breuer

YEAR ONE OF THE EMPIRE by Elinor Fuchs & Joyce Antler. Directed by Frank Condon

SALMON SHOW Written & performed by Bob Carroll

MONDAY NIGHT JAZZ a series of guest artists

MARATHON MADNESS by Phillip Mishkin & Julie Russo. Directed by John Flynn

NIGHTCLUB CATATA Music and Lyrics by Elizabeth Swados. Directed by Bill Castellino

THE CHICAGO CONSPIRACY TRIAL by Ron Sossi & Frank Condon. Directed by Frank Condon

SUICIDE IN B FLAT by Sam Shepard. Directed by Ron Sossi


THE ELOCUTION OF BENJAMIN by Steven Spears. Directed by G.W. Bailey

BAAL by Bertolt Brecht. Directed by Andrew E. Doe

THE MAN WHO KILLED THE BUDDHA by Marty Epstein. Directed by David Irving

GREAT AMERICAN PLAYWRIGHT SHOW: 5-minute plays by Thomas Babe, Doris Baizley, Israel Horovitz, Corrine Jacker, David Mamet, Michael McClure, Eva Merriam, Ernest Thompson, Dalene Young. Directed by Tony Abatamarco, Jeremy Blahnik, George Boyd, Bill Castellino, Danny Goldman, Victoria Hochberg, Eve Merriam, Ron Sossi


MARY BARNES by David Edgar. Directed by Ron Sossi

NABOKOV Written & directed by Albert Paulson

CONFESSIONS OF AN IRISH REBEL Compiled, directed & performed by Shay Duffin

END OF SUMMER by S. N. Behrman. Directed by John Allison

IONESCOPADE by Eugene Ionesco & Mildred  Kayden. Directed by Bill Castellino

POWER LINES by Joel Schwartz. Directed by George Boyd



  • THE EXCEPTION & THE RULE by Bertolt Brecht. Directed by Frank Condon

  • THE LITTLE MAHAGONNY by Bertolt Brecht. Directed by Ina Wittich & Ron Sossi


  • THE BADEN TEACHING PLAY by Bertolt Brecht. Directed by Ron Sossi

BRECHT MEETS H.U.A.C. Written & directed by Cyndy Turnage and Ron Sossi

DON JUAN COMES BACK FROM THE WAR by Odon von Horvath. Directed by Deborah LaVine

SOMETHINGS ROCKIN’ IN DENMARK music and lyrics by Cliff Jones from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Directed by Bill Castellino

SKIN by David Scott Milton. Directed by Jonathan Estrin

FANTOD: A VICTORIAN REVERIE by Amlin Gray. Directed by Ron Sossi

YERMA by Frederico Garcia Lorca. Directed by Stephen Fischer

THE MANDRAKE adapted from Machiavelli by Igor Dimont & Karl Maurer. Directed by Igor Dimont


LULLABYE AND GOODNIGHT by Elizabeth Swados, Directed by Bill Castellino

THE FROGS by Aristophanes, Adapted by Stephen Sondheim & Burt Shevelove, Directed by Ron Sossi

IN THE MATTER OF J. ROBERT OPPENHEIMER by Heinar Kipphardt. Directed by Frank Condon

MARIE AND BRUCE by Wallace Shawn. Directed by Ron Sossi

THE BALCONY by Jean Genet. Directed by Steve Kent

HOLLYWOOD MAGIC Written & directed by Michael Lally

CHUCKY’S HUNCH by Rochelle Owens. Directed by Elinor Renfield


RAP MASTER RONNIE by Elizabeth Swados & Garry  Trudeau. Directed by Frank Condon & Bill Castellino

BULLPEN by Steve Kluger. Directed by Tom McLoughlin

NAZI MIND (trilogy):

  • HESS by Michael Burrell. Directed by Frank Condon

  • SUMMIT CONFERENCE by David McDonald. Directed by Danny Goldman

  • PORTAGE TO SAN CHISTOBAL OF A. H. by George Steiner, Adapted by Christopher Hampton. Directed by Ron                  Sossi

STRANGE SNOW by Steve Metcalfe. Directed by Theresa Bailey

EDMOND by David Mamet. Directed by Ron Sossi

THE MISER by Moliere. Adapted & directed by Frank Condon

HOW TO BE A GREAT WRITER Complied, directed, & performed by Mina E. Mina

CREATURES Written & directed by Gar Campbell

MOTHER COURAGE by Bertolt Brecht. Directed by Ron Sossi

THE WHALE CONCERTS Written & directed by Liebe Grey


PERSONALITY by Gina Wendkos & Ellen Ratner. Directed by Gina Wendkos

FOUR CORNERS by Gina Wendkos. Directed by Gina Wendkos & Richard Press

WINGS by Arthur Kopit. Directed by Mark Travis

BLOOD MOON by Nicholas Kazan. Directed by Frank Condon

THE MUMS performed by Roy Johns, Albie Selznick & Nathan Stein

BASHVILLE by G. B. Shaw. Adapted by Benny Green. Directed by John Allison

CROSSING NIAGRA by Alonso Alegria. Directed by Albert Paulsen


JOHNNY JOHNSON by Kurt Weill and Paul Green. Directed by Ron Sossi

KVETCH Written & directed by Steven Berkoff

BOSOMS AND NEGLECT by John Guare. Directed by Ron Sossi

JAIL DIARY OF ALBI SACHS by David Edgar. Directed by Deborah LaVine

A VOYAGE TO ARCTURUS by David Lindsay. Adapted by David Wolpe from the novel by David Lindsay. Conceived and directed by Ron Sossi


THE CAGE by Rick Clutchey & the San Quentin Theatre Lab. Directed by Rick Clutchey

HUNGER AND THIRST by Eugene Ionesco. Directed by Maurice Attias

BOYS & GIRLS/ MEN & WOMEN Written & directed by Gina Wendkos

MENSCH MEIER by Franz Xaver Kroetz. Directed by Victor Brandt

A PROVINCIAL EPISODE by Lali Roseba. Directed by Melanie Jones

THE ISLAND by The Glorious Players. Directed by Debbie Devine

MASTER CLASS by David Pownall. Directed by Ron Sossi

THE WOODS by David Mamet. Directed by Frank Condon

TOM AND VIV by Michael Hastings. Directed by Robert Goldsby


McCARTHY by Jeff Goldsmith. Directed by Frank Condon

ANGRY HOUSEWIVES by A. M. Collins. Directed by David Galligan

SHAKERS by John Godber & Jane Thornton. Directed by Ron Link

THREE TOP HATS by Miguel Mihura. Directed by Ron Sossi

THE SHOEMAKERS by Stanislaw Witkiewicz. Adapted & directed by Kazimierz Braun


ACCIDENTAL DEATH OF ANARCHIST by Dario Fo. Directed by Ron Sossi

FAITH HEALER by Brian Friel. Directed by Jack Rowe

.Location: 12111 Ohio Avenue.

DISABILITY: a comedy by Ron Whyte. Directed by Frank Condon

SYMMES HOLE book, music and lyrics by Randolph Dreyfuss. Directed by Carol Corwen

IDIOGLOSSIA by Mark Handley. Directed by Ron Sossi

LADY DAY Written & directed by Stephen Stahl

FIREWAVES Choreographed by Gilberte Meunier, Betty Nash, and Martin Kersels

SPRING AWAKENING by Frank Wedekind in a new translation by Rick Foster. Directed by Michael Arabian

FLIGHTS OF FEAR AND FANCY Written & performed by Kedric Robin Wolfe. Directed by Scott Kelman