Here is a step by step guide to entering promo codes on our website:

After you have chosen the performance date on the show calendar, it will direct you to the “seating chart” page.  On this page, and BEFORE you choose your seat, you will enter the promo code in the top right hand corner.  (See image below) Promo codes are NOT case sensitive. Once you enter this promo code and hit “apply”. You will notice that the seats on the seating chart now have a red ring around them. This means the promo code is applied.

Then you will choose your seats, one at a time.  When you click on “ticket type”, you will see in the drop-down menu your discount code with the appropriate price. Choose this amount and add seats to the cart, one at a time.

IF THE PROMO CODE DOES NOT WORK: You must call the Odyssey box office (310-477-2055, ext 2).  We do not do “retro-active” discounts. So, if the discount is not working at the time of purchase, do not assume you can just call the next day and get the money back.  You MUST enter the promo code at time of purchase. The promo code could have been entered wrong, or there may be limits and restrictions on the promo code of which you are not aware.