Dance Festival Returns this January!

Dance At The Odyssey” returns in January 2018!  We are so happy to have The TL Collective, LA Contemporary Dance & Corina Kinnear at the Odyssey. (Unfortunately, Compagnia Simona Bertozzi/Nexus has been cancelled).

Starting on Jan. 20th with The TL Collective performing “Rosewood“.  Micaela Taylor & The TL Collective was founded by Los Angeles dancer/choreographer Micaela Taylor, in 2015. Her ultimate goal was to create a dance company where the fusion of contemporary dance and theatrical hip hop intertwine. Since launching this company she has been commissioned to create works for Grand Performances, AMDA College, LA Contemporary Dance Company and more. This season they are looking forward to premiering “ROSEWOOD” at the Odyssey Theatre Ensemble. All in all this dance company takes a hip, millennial outlook on contemporary dance.
Choreographer: Micaela Taylor

Dancers: Micaela Taylor, Sam McReynolds, Julienne Mackey, Jessie Thorne.

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Jan. 26th & 27th & Feb. 2nd, 3rd & 4th. LACDC will be performing “RIFT“. An evening of contemporary dance featuring work from three Los Angeles- based choreographers: Genevieve Carson, Nathan Makolandra, and Stephanie Zaletel.
The L.A. Contemporary Dance Company (LACDC) is a non-profit repertory dance company that offers Los Angeles professional and innovative dance experiences throughout the year. LACDC performs a diverse repertoire of contemporary and cutting edge work representative of L.A.’s vibrant culture. By affording choreographers and dancers the opportunity to create concert length work in an experimental and collaborative environment, LACDC strives to foster the development of new forms in the contemporary dance genre relevant to today’s audiences. Lean more about our programming and opportunities to connect with the company at

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Corina Kinnear will be performing “naked. on February 8th & 9th.

Choreographer/Director: Corina Kinnear
naked. is a dance theatre exploration of the nude body embedded in an art happening. Choreographer Corina Kinnear explores the non-sexualized human form and the perception of nudity through movement, and then, in a scientific discourse with the audience. The evening includes: an art installation by Gina Teichert of San Francisco, a photo series by Babette Delafayette of Seattle, and live music by Los Angeles indie band, Silent Scream.

How many times have you looked at a non-sexualized nude form? My answer is few to none. Living and working in Europe these past three years, for the first time, I experienced communal showers, nude beaches, saunas, and while trying not to be voyeuristic, I became fascinated with my own curiosity in what the human body looks like when it is not skillfully shaped by clothing or posed for viewing in the way that is socially prescribed as “most beautiful.” Nudity in art is nothing new, but the marketing of “what the body should look like” is at a new level of infiltration, and it has become easy to loose track of what bodies actually look like. How do we feel about the nude body? Beautiful, ugly, interesting, confusing. Corina invites you to be a voyeur and explore the multiplicity of your feelings on the naked human body.

Corina Kinnear develops productions as a medium of an artful expression of reality as well as a form of entertainment. By creating a mood that transports the audience they can appreciate details in humanity that sometimes are not recognized, as well as enjoy the emotional expression, physicality, and shape of dance as a medium of art. Previous works include “Nella Ombra” an immersive production in Venice, Italy. “Welcome to Berlin” a contemporary dance opening ceremony. “Lethe” an experimental residency at Tanz Fabrik in Berlin, and “Mvmnt” a dance theatre production presented at MiMoDa in Los Angeles.

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