Blog #7: Dedication

Howdy folks!


This week has been crazy busy as we prepare for the opening of Broadway Bound tonight. I was fortunate enough to watch a preview on Wednesday night and I have gotta say that from a totally unbiased opinion, the show is fantastic. Even my Grandpa, who has seen numerous Broadway shows and theatre over the years, admitted that it was one of the best plays he has ever seen. While watching the performance, I noted the extreme dedication and commitment that all great productions possess. For example: the amount of work that the designers and carpenters put into building the aesthetics of the play clearly shows – it is gorgeous. The actors brought the energy hard from the second they popped onto the stage. The assistant directors put in countless hours, just for a chance to be a part of all this. I know that I’m forgetting some people but let’s face it – everyone who works in theatre is highly underpaid, but we are doing this for the pure love and magic that we all crave to see in a good performance.

So onto what I’ve done this week… I helped coordinate promo videos in the form of ‘meet the cast’ videos, which were published via social media and YouTube. Ran the box office by myself part of the time, which was completely frustrating at times, but in the end made me realize I could handle the onslaught of unique patron requests and accommodations. I have a newfound respect for every person who works in any role in this industry. It takes a special breed to get these various task accomplished, and I’m very lucky to be surrounded by people here that want to make that magic happen. Until next week!