Blog #5: Time

Week #5/10: The halfway mark!


I remember my Grandpa explaining to me when I was a youngster about the way that time moves. He wasn’t trying to educate me in the ways of horology or any kind of Stephen Hawkins theories. No, the concept wasn’t that grandiose; especially for a ten year old. That might make a funny YouTube video though (kids reacting to quantum physics facts). Anyways, my gramps simply stated that the farther my life moves forward, the faster time will go. A month will feel like a week. A year will turn into a month. I took in the information, but never fully understood what it meant until years later. My point in all this? Well, normally I would say that this past month has been flying by and I can’t believe that we’re here already, etc. But for some reason, it doesn’t feel that way. Maybe I can attribute that to the amount of projects, shows, group meetings and events that I have been bombarded with, or it could be that I’ve been actively trying to take away a bit of wisdom from every single thing I’ve done here. So even though it has been a short time, it just doesn’t feel that way. It could be the same effect that school has. Anyways, I don’t have time to blab about this anymore. There are hundreds of envelopes that need to be stuffed, twitter posts that need to be tweeted and well, plenty of things to do. Let me quickly recap the last week:

I was able to help out with the set for Broadway Bound a bit more. It’s really looking good and I am excited for our theatregoers to come and see it. The interns from LACC in my area had two events: touring The Broad Stage and having a chat with some of the staff that makes that place tick. We also went to a performance at The Annenberg Beach House… It was a show by Four Clowns entitled “Jonah”. It was entertaining, featured dedicated performers and offered a satirical, contemporary look on the parable. I also saw “The Mother Ship” @ Sacred Fools – clever & funny. “We Will Rock You” @ The Ahmanson… no comment. “Paternus” @ Rogue Machine – a “chilling” tale :). Also went to a friend’s outdoor performance of “Cabaret” which was charming. It has been a busy week. Until next time & have a great week!