Blog #10

Salutations! This marks my final blog entry and end of my summer internship here at The Odyssey. Monday brings me back to Cal State Northridge for my final semester!

blog 10

At first glance, The Odyssey feels (and looks) like a humble, intimate theatre; but diving into behind the scenes proves that it is much more than that. The overpowering drive to create excellent productions, support for striving artists, wisdom and kindness of the staff and rich history proves that this theatre is truly special.  I’ve loved interacting with and listening to the stories from patrons who have been dedicated subscribers since the theatre’s inception.  I’ve met new friends, established connections and had a great time overall.

Working here for the past ten weeks has shown me how important it is to have a staff that bonds and works together well.  Many people often spend more time at their jobs than home so it is important that the work environment is welcoming and supportive. It is easy to see that people feel at home here.  I hope that one day I will be able to join a company that is as warm and inviting as the Odyssey is.

I can’t thank the LA County Arts Commission enough for providing me this opportunity. My advice to all the future LA County interns that will go through this diverse program: Ask questions, don’t be afraid of sounding stupid when you have an idea, soak in as much information as you can and be prepared to have anything thrown at you. Side note: These people really love their cupcakes over here. Like really love them. They bring lots of sweets. Be prepared to gain weight.