Ben’s Odyssey #4

Welcome back! Hard to believe that I am already in my fourth week here at The Odyssey. To stick with the tradition, here’s a picture with me and the Annapurna poster. Really wish I could have seen this show when it was here. My sister saw it Off-Broadway and had nothing but praise for it. Plus, I love Nick Offerman.


The biggest learning experience from the past couple days came from helping build the set of our next production, Broadway Bound. My dad is a contractor and owns his own tile company so I am familiar with the work that goes into construction, but I couldn’t say that I was ever really enthusiastic about helping my dad with work in past. Needless to say, I have had very little experience using tools or building for that matter. So when I stepped in to help build the set I was a bit naïve about the entire process of starting and the framework that goes behind it all. Luckily, our Technical Director, Joe Behm, was kind enough to teach me the basics as well as delegating tasks to others with confidence. I can’t wait to see the finished product, considering that it is certainly a challenge erecting a two-story set in an intimate 99-seat performance space.

I was fortunate enough to watch a designer run-through of the show and I am equally as excited to watch the finished project. The characters are clearly defined and executed by seasoned actors. Also, the choices that Jason (Alexander) makes as a director really brings life to the script. It is equally parts laughter and touching moments, with quite a few lines of dialogue that really showcase why the play was nominated for a Pulitzer.

Until next week! – Benjamin