Bella’s Blog #3

Dearest Odyssey Theatre Attendees,

How would you like to picture a seventeen year old in a staff meeting? Before last week, I couldn’t fathom myself being in a staff meeting. And yet, my Wednesday was concluded sitting in Ron Sossi’s office listening to adults talk about budgets and casting and names I’d never heard before. This was my first real taste at what it was like to run a theater and have a real job. Looking around the office during the meeting, I came to notice the passion each employee had for the accessibility of art. Everyone had different jobs, but they were all working toward a common purpose: getting people to experience theatre. It made me realize that whether you’re an actor, a producer, or a stage hand, there is always the ultimate common goal of the show. This common goal inspires me every day and fuels my passion for theatre. So I have to wonder, is it really a stereotypical, boring staff meeting if you’re making art in the end? Just some seventeen year old thoughts on “real jobs” and the theatre.


Bella Grace Harris
Wildwood School – Class of 2015