Ben’s Odyssey #1

Hi there! My name is Benjamin Schwartz, The Odyssey Theatre 2014 summer intern!


I am a senior at Cal State Northridge, have been involved in theatre for the better part of my life and have a passion for writing plays. Every summer, The Los Angeles County Arts Commission provides funds to many theatres in LA so that they can hire an intern for a ten-week period. These jobs are invaluable to students, providing true experience in the field we are looking to start a career in. As for myself, I feel truly blessed to have been chosen among many qualified candidates to work at The Odyssey, which was my first choice among the companies I submitted to. The Odyssey theatre truly blends the experience of a small Los Angeles theatre with a level of professionalism that any company should strive for.

My goal in this blog is to provide entertainment through multimedia and links to interesting articles including but not limited to The Odyssey and Los Angeles theatre. I find that whenever I tell people about my interest in theatre the most common question I am immediately asked is, “So when are you moving to New York?” This tells me that there is still a stigma that the best theatre is supposedly still in New York. Newsflash: this is not the case. Heck, most people don’t even understand the difference between Broadway and Off-Broadway (It has to do with the number of seats in the venue). As an avid attender of plays and musicals in Los Angeles, I can say that we have great productions that start here in LA and end up going to New York, plays that tend to take more risks and also hold a discerning, intelligent audience.

With all this being said, I am truly excited to be working for The Odyssey Theatre this summer whenever and wherever I can. I hope to gain a solid understanding of the inner-workings of a successful 99-seat theatre along with the fun and hardships that go along with it. As I write this blog, rehearsals for our next production, Broadway Bound, are underway. At the helm of the production is Jason Alexander directing, who was in the Original Broadway Cast. This Pulitzer-nominated play by Neil Simon is a show that any fan of theatre will not want to miss.