From Venice to Cyprus: A Shakespearean Journey Blog #1

ADsWelcome to the Othello blog!

Amy Borsuk and Ilana Rozin here – we’re the Assistant Directors for this upcoming hit! We’ll be using this blog and social media to chronicle the journey from Venice to Cyprus, and from rehearsal room to opening night, so be sure to check in every week!

This show is a co-production between The Odyssey and The New American Theatre, directed by John Flynn, Artistic Director of Rogue Machine Theatre. These artists and companies from very diverse backgrounds have come together to build a unique take on a familiar classic.

The past three weeks of rehearsal alone have been captivating! Complete with steel-toed boots, Godfather references, and the search for the ultimate handkerchief, we AD’s have been a part of production meetings and rehearsals in which director John Flynn, the design team, and the actors have pieced together a world not too unlike our own. Things are already well underway, but we have no doubt that blocking the final act 1 scene this week will unlock a whole new level of interpretation as we move forward with the rehearsal process.

Without revealing too much, envision one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies in a metallized, military milieu where rank, uniforms, and machine guns  are in command of Othello and Desdemona’s love story. Brimming with the Bard’s brilliant dramatic irony, our extraordinary ensemble will make you want to jump on stage and warn our protagonists of the schemes threatening their happiness! (We ask that you refrain from doing so.)

With intricate – and very realistic – violence designed by Ned Mochel, we promise you’ll be on the edge of your seat the whole time.

Shakespeare turned thriller-tragedy is certainly an experience you won’t want to miss…and neither is our journey! So stay tuned for more updates from the Othello rehearsal room – from Amy & Ilana!